#30in30 Day 3: 5 People I’d Have Brunch With

Dinner is formal and cliche. Brunch is the new trendy time of day for casual mingling. When I lived in Jersey, I actually preferred to go on brunch dates. It’s a pressure-free situation to meet someone for a get-to-know-you session. If things weren’t going well, you still had the rest of the day to carry on with your normal plans.

I digress.

There are many people in business and entertainment that fascinate me. There are creative types whose work I admire. So it was tough to limit myself to just 5. The best way I came up with the list is I chose people who I could learn a great deal from. The brunch spot I’d meet all these people at would be in Perch in LA. (I went about a week ago and the view alone is worth it)

Perfect spot for arm-rubbing with some great personalities

Robert Kraft: He’s the owner of the New England Patriots. Despite my being a Giants fan, I acknowledge that Kraft changed the entire schematic of the NFL when he purchased the Patriots. Some owners of sports team only do it because they can afford to do it. It’s just another revenue stream to them. But the Kraft family are a group of avid sports fans. So I think it’d be dope to just have a conversation about sports across the board. And yes, I’d be wearing #10 jersey.

Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist is 1 of those books that if you’ve never read it, you’re a terrorist and probably hate puppies and Capri Sun. Although I’m not a person who reads leisurely, I read The Alchemist at least 3 times a year. One of my favorite statements from it is “If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. If you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better.” This piece of literature will be required reading in my household.


Quincy Jones: Let’s face it, we do a sh*tty job of appreciating our legends while we have them. Maybe we feel like they’re immortal. Perhaps, it’s because for the older living legends, they aren’t out and about, so we think they’ve already passed. Quincy Jones not only produced much of early Michael Jackson as a solo artist, but he’s always been a prolific jazz artist. The man created the Austin Powers theme “Bossa Nova”. I just love Q’s artistry. Musically, I’m sure he has tons of great stories to share. Plus, he did father Kidada and Rashida Jones. So, there’s that.

Terry Richardson: I never took an interest in photography until about 4 or 5 years ago. Most people remember pictures from specific events or iconic catastrophes. I don’t salivate over pictures of celebrities. But when it comes to tearsheets and magazine spreads, Terry Richardson has always delivered some amazing images. His signature style is to use a minimalist white background and simple setup. For example, he shot the Beyonce photos from GQ Magazine earlier this year.

Emmanuelle Chiriqui: Yeah this is a pick that’s out of place. But she’s Sloan from Entourage. Purely superficial invitation. We’d of course talk about the show.

Who would you have a sitdown brunch with?


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