#30in30 Day 2: Oh Well > I Wish

All great change is preceded by chaos

– Deepak Chopra

When things in your life start to become uncomfortable or troublesome, that’s a great indicator that something major is on the horizon. There are usually subtle signs along the way that will try to alert you to prepare for the change. Yet you often ignore them. Its human nature to want what you want. You get tunnel vision on something and it can lure you away from reality. Reality in the sense of what that thing is may not be meant for you. Or maybe you’re not ready to appreciate or take advantage of the opportunity that thing represents.

The reasons don’t matter though. Chaos is the conduit to change. I look at the Chopra quote and its implication immediately stood out for me. All great change. That fragment can be interpreted in a few different ways. It can be applied to both the macro and micro levels. History and even present times is filled with critical movements that were spawned out of pure chaos. On a personal level however, the subtext is that major chaos isn’t mandatory for a major change.

I look at my own life and its moments of impact. I can identify situations riddled chaos and uncertainty where had I been paying attention, I would’ve handled the great change that followed a little better. For example, before I became an agent, I felt under-valued by my boss and under-utilized by the company. My boss and I would sometimes butt heads because it seemed as if my position wasn’t clearly defined. The chaos during that me being very sick with kidney stones. Being physically unable to travel as expected/required put a strain on my professional contributions. Then 1 day my boss told me “look if you want to really do this, you need to do x, y, z”. I made the choice that my circumstance wouldn’t define my identity. Out of a chaotic situation came the beginning of living my professional dream.

Sometimes we let chaos distract us. People let turmoil scare them into running the opposite direction. We excuse the flee response by saying it’s too hard or the timing’s wrong or anything else our logical selves can conjure up. But as I’ve said in other posts, there are times where you have to fight through the unknown to get what and where you want. People will always criticize and project their insecurities on your choices. Although, at the end of the day only you know how much chaos you can endure. Only you can decide if the great change that’s waiting in the future is worth a little pain in the present.

1 of the hardest things a person has to do is to replace regret with acceptance. I’d rather fail and have a teaching moment than to look back years from now and wish I’d done something differently.


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