5 Things I’ll Never Understand About Women

Whenever, I get writer’s block (which lately, is often), I peruse some of my favorite sites. Among those is Thought Catalog. It’s 1 of those sites that has multiple contributors. Visiting a compilation site like TC is comparable to going to Youtube to look up some obscure 1 hit wonder video from 1997 and spending 2 hours saying “yoooo, that’s my sh*t!”. I discovered this Will Smith track that way and it’s now my 2 year old niece’s favorite song.

I came across this post on TC entitled 7 things women will always have to explain to men. It got me thinking about the weird, irrational, and downright confusing things about women that I can’t wrap my head around.

1) Why do women preface having sex (or performing a sexual act) too soon as “I normally don’t do this”: Most guys are relatively non-judgemental, especially once we get to a certain age. Although we haven’t evolved from slut-shaming, the average guy is just happy to get some love below that he’s not immediately thinking what you did with those before him. And even if he was, you’re consenting adults. You shouldn’t feel guilty or have to explain why you choose to do something with your body.

2) The proper way to deliver a compliment: Lately, there’s been an influx of articles discussing street harassment. As a whole, you should never cat-call a woman. You shouldn’t tell her she looks nice that day. You shouldn’t tell her to smile. And don’t you dare try to ask her a question while she clearly has her ear buds on. So then, how and when do you break the ice with a woman? There’s a running joke on Twitter that says it’s only considered harassment if she’s not attracted to you. I’m stingy with my compliments to this day because I’m just not clear on when you can safely pay a woman a compliment. (Oh, but you women stay cat-calling dudes in basketball shorts or sweats!)

Don’t let her catch you eating another woman’s food, bruh

3) Why is cooking such a big deal: For me, cooking is on my list of must-haves. I refuse to date a woman who doesn’t like to cook. Knowing how to cook isn’t an indicator to the frequency at which a woman will cook for you. When a woman thoroughly enjoys cooking, she does it with a certain type of calm excitement. For any woman that I’ve dated and the women I know, they treat cooking as privilege. You have to earn that 5 star meal on their good china. I understand that it takes time, shopping, and a special care to cook a meal for a guy. But still, I don’t get why it’s treated as a unanimous threshold for guys to cross.

4) Arguing about that things that haven’t even happened yet: This in done in jest, but me and my girl have had little arguments about pure hypotheticals. We laugh about it when we realize how silly it sounds. But as it’s happening, it’s 1 of those things where in the back of her mind, she’s probably like “so this is how he’d really act? This type of thing is okay to him?” It’s easy to say what you will and won’t do as long as the situation hasn’t happened to you. However, women sometimes pose very specific scenarios as barometers to see what type of mentality a guy has. They usually purposely wait until you’ve let your guard down and then they ask you something that would likely never happen in your relationship.

Shouldn’t all of y’all be in the kitchen?

5) Women and strip clubs: This is a strictly a new phenomenon. I hate that it’s become so common place though. The strip club used to be the 1 place on Earth that was a man’s sanctuary. We went there to escape women and the daily grind of meeting their expectations. In the strip club, there’s no emotions and no conversation. You pay for a service, eat some really good chicken, and go on your way. While some guys like that they can take a woman to the strip club, I still don’t get why women have made it their own. Is it because women are now bar-sexual? Do you really go to learn new things to do for your man later? If you have no problem going to the strip club, why then do you have a problem with being cat-called or having sex on the 1st date?

Women are beautiful enigmas, so there’s tons more that can be added. But this is just my short list of things I’d like to understand before I die.


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