Recapping The 2013 NFL Draft

Much like the upcoming NBA draft, this 2013 draft class wasn’t as anticipatory as last year’s. There weren’t any standout offensive players to get excited over. If I had to categorize the 1st round, I’d say that the NFC teams won while the remaining rounds were loaded with low risk-high reward guys.

Rather than break it down team by team, I’m going to briefly summarize the picks that stood out round by round

Round 1: Revis Island 2.0?

The Jets’ obvious 1st pick was going to be the best cornerback available; Dee Milliner. People are calling him the 2nd coming of Darrelle Revis. He’s extremely fast, clocking a 4.37 40 at the combine. Everything about him is pretty impressive, as shown below in his edition of Sports Science. Lack of a backpedal aside, you can’t really go wrong with a Saban product. Both the Falcons and the 49ers also added to their already stealthy respective secondaries. Desmond Trufant (Atlanta) was just behind Milliner among CBs with a 4.38 40 time, while the 49ers picked up S Eric Reid to add their crushing defense. I’m really amped to watch these 3 guys develop at the pro-level this season. The final pick I thought was smart was the Lions’ choice of Ziggy Ansah. I love how quick he can cut off the line of scrimmage and analysts have likened him to Jason Pierre Paul of the Giants. Lions definitely added an immediate weapon to their defense.

Round 2: The Geno Smith struggles ends

Had you been watching the draft live, you could’ve created a drinking game based on how many times the camera panned to Geno Smith’s face of dejection. Very few people expected him to still be on the board while Florida State’s EJ Manuel was the 1st QB drafted (Bills).The Jets didn’t trade up for Smith, but why did they pick him at all? Especially when they haven’t waived Tim Tebow yet. The world may never know. Manti Te’o (who will be infamous for being the 1st widely publicized Catfish) was drafted by the Chargers. His destination was also full of speculation. For me, the steal of the 2nd round was USC product Robert Woods. Buffalo made up for that 1st round miscue with this pick. Woods is being compared to Reggie Wayne, although I highly doubt that comparison will stick with EJ Manuel throwing to him. Judging by the Bills’ schedule and the level of talented corners that’ll be covering him, I see Woods having numbers more of the Michael Crabtee ilk.

Round 3: When Will Jerry Jones Go Away?

1 of the major reasons why the Dallas Cowboys will never fully prosper is because their owner is a narcissistic, egomaniacal micro-manager. Remember Kevin Ogletree was supposed their next wideout receiver after that huge season opener? We never heard from him again. The Cowboys confused everybody including the coaching staff with their 1st round selection. However, they smartened up with Baylor product Terrance Williams. I like Williams for them. This All-American was among the best in the nation in yards after the catch. He’s likened to Ravens Torrey Smith and that’s a spot on comparison. Much like Smith, Williams is only going to be successful as long as he remains a wideout.

Rounds 4-7: Where The Gems Are Found

Normally, the solid role players for a team are found in the lower rounds. For the Giants, the pick up of Ryan Nassib makes this fan happy. Eli Manning is now in his 30s so the Giants needed to pick up a young QB to begin studying under him; similar to how the Pats took Brady and let him develop under Drew Bledsoe.

Marcus Lattimore was an awesome pick for the already stacked 49ers. We can’t be for certain what type of shape he’ll be in at the pro level after his Fall 2012 knee injury. The 49ers have depth at the RB position and with Kendall Hunter’s return still uncertain, Lattimore could see some 3rd down opportunities towards the middle of the season. The Saints added Kenny Stills to their WR rotation. Experts weren’t very high on him due to his size, but he has great hands and can easily get past secondaries. He has the upside to be a taller Lance Moore. Seattle ran the most rushing plays last season and they added LSU’s Spencer Ware to their backfield. With Marshawn Lynch running the rock, this pick will make Seattle another strong contender in the NFC West as Ware’s workhorse qualities will move him to fullback.

That sums up my thoughts on the draft. I do realize I left out tons of great picks for teams that I’m sure make their fanbases happy. So let me know, what were some of your favorite picks? How did you team do?


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