With Umenyiora Gone, Giants Still Have A Few Roster Issues


Now, as a fan, I can’t even be mad at Umenyiora signing with the Falcons. He deserved more money and the Giants made it clear they weren’t going to re-sign him. The Giants were able to re-sign Shaun Rogers, Will Beatty, and Kevin Boothe. They also signed Dan Connor and Brandon Myers, but we did lose Kenny Phillips, Martellus Bennett, and Chase Blackburn.

I’ve reported a few times on the Victor Cruz re-signing situation. Both sides have been quiet about a figure on the table. Then Cruz made a power move by switching agents and is now being represented by Tom Condon, who also represents Eli Manning. Manning has said that he would be willing to restructure his deal, which is back-end heavy. Manning is due almost $40 million over the next 2 years, including bonuses. As a veteran, Manning can restructure his deal in the same vein that Tom Brady did. It’s not a pay cut, it just means that his salary is broken down over a longer span of time. It’s obvious that Manning will retire a Giant, so wouldn’t now be a good time to do this? (Also worth noting that Hakeem Nicks is an unrestricted free agent next year and it’s been reported that Giants front office would prefer to ensure his long-term spot as opposed to “overpaying” Cruz now.)

John Mara’s perspective on this question is as follows:

We haven’t really talked about it [restructuring Manning’s contract]. That’s always an option at some point in time, but he’s proven to be worth the amount of salary-cap space that’s been allocated to him.

2 Superbowls in 5 years? Of course he is. Although when you have significant holes in other areas, it doesn’t make sense to put that much cap in 1 player. Especially if he’s willing to extend his contract to make room for 1 of your best receivers is in his playing prime.

Which brings me to this point: if the Giants are in a mid-level rebuilding phase, how are they going to bolster the WR and TE spot and their failing secondary? Certainly not by bringing back Aaron Ross and having Domenik Hixon sign somewhere else. Reuben Randle saw some decent playing time with Nicks out, but is he poised to be a WR2 in Cruz’s place? I’m not sure about that. With the draft a month away, the expert predictions will be telling over the coming weeks.



    1. He reminds me a lot of Coach Pop. Guys nobody would think could be useful somehow come up in the clutch in Giants blue. Exhibit A: Andre Brown.

    2. And they usually always have a great story behind them, along the lines of “I knew my time would come…”

    1. This is true! They did draft David Wilson who came through when he needed to. Man if they would’ve only been ahead of TB for that Doug Martin pick! So I think Reese’s strength is building through the draft and buying cheap. Ultimately the way I see it is if they’re going to let Cruz walk, hang onto Hixon as WR2 and let Randle develop, saves money in the long run but still keeps decent depth at the position. The only question mark is Hixon is just as unstable as Nicks when it comes to playing a full season. So there’s that

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