Zero Perfect Brackets Thanks To Georgetown & Others

Normally, I do several brackets and vary on some of the picks based on instinct or pure statistics. VCU avoided that 5/12 rule and most of the teams that were supposed to win have; L’ville, Indiana, and The U for example. Gonzaga struggling against Southern is why I didn’t have them in the Final 4. But I, along with most of the country, was wrong about Harvard and Georgetown. Should’ve listened to Jeremy Lin smh

Much like Duke vs. Lehigh, Georgetown lost to a school that 99.5% of bracketers had never heard of. I grew up in S. FL and have never heard anyone utter they applied or graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University. It sounds like a fictional college some amateur screenwriter threw together. But sure enough, an upset happened that will talked about for the next few months.

I wonder how this will effect Otto Porter’s draft position. FGCU held him to 5-17 shooting and he only got to the free throw line twice.

I said that Creighton’s win would largely be hinged on Doug McDermott and he put up quite the box score. He shot 50% from the arc and was perfect from the free throw line. In addition to contributing hugely offensively, he also had 11 rebounds.


Even the band geeks were hype [Photo Credit: George Frey]

The New Mexico State Lobos is a primary reason why sometimes your pick has to be sheer gut. Much like Georgetown, nobody had them being the victim of an upset. We all don’t expect much from Harvard when it comes to any sport, except crew. What they lacked in defense, they definitely made up for in shooting the ball. They bested Los Lobos across the board offensively. Jeremy Lin went undrafted, so it’ll be very interesting to see where/if any of the Harvard starting 5 ends up on the mock boards.

Overall, many of these 2nd round games have also come down to poor shot selection and bad coaching decisions. I’ve watched most of the games and was frustrated by substitutions and terrible in-bound plays when the game clock was under 30 seconds.

PS – if you had Gonzaga in your final 4 at all, I’d like to know why.


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