Lent And Setting The Tone For The Rest of 2013

I’m not going to assume that all my readers are religious or followers of organized religion. But Lent (or fasting as it’s known in other sects of Christianity), as I define it, is a commitment to purify your spirit and create new habits. Sometimes it’s as basic as giving up soda/sweets or no alcohol. Other times it’s something more major. I started out giving up cursing and watching pornography. But my period of Lent has evolved in an experience completely different than what I anticipated.

lent2013-social media_med

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the type who cursed as a display of passion. There are some situations that warrant a nice, firm curse word. Whether it was sinking a game-winning shot or being pissed off over a cop’s feeble attempt to make his ticket quota for the night, I’m a passionate person. I also know how to control my propensity to curse. I’ve never cursed in the presence of my elders and I try not to do it in the company of women I don’t know. However since I’ve become an uncle, I want to curb my cursing altogether.

One of my biggest pet peeves (aside from Duke and Patriots fans) in the world is seeing parents curse at their children. I think it’s reprehensible and disrespectful to both the children and onlookers. Everytime I see a parent cursing at their child, I immediately posit that as an adult, they haven’t a modicum of self-control. I know that they can drive you to spaz. We’ve all been out at the mall or grocery store and watched a child go from 0-60 with no real explanation other than he or she is a child. It’s frustrating and probably pretty embarrassing to deal with. But you just don’t curse out a child! Period!

It’s funny when adults complain about how the behavior of this generation has deteriorated terribly. Yet we don’t realize that we contribute to that. Children mirror the behavior they see the most. So if they hear their parents curse in their presence or are the subjects of such berating, wouldn’t it stand to reason that children themselves will have mouths like Def Comedy Jam? We can’t be so lazy to blame every bad thing that our children pick up on TV and video games. We have an obligation to be filters to what behaviors they actually learn and practice. I don’t want my nieces to use filthy language and I definitely don’t want my own children to talk like they weren’t raised right.

It’s been difficult to stop cursing altogether. Part of that is because I don’t have accountability; my nieces don’t live in the same city and I’m not around children at all. So it’s really been all on me to check myself. That’s the great thing about Lent though. It forces you to take responsibility for the “bad” behavior you’ve chosen to make a part of your life.

Did you give up anything for Lent? How’s the process been going for you? What’s the hardest part about giving up something you love or are used to doing?

If you want to read about my Lent struggle with pornography and dealing with sexual temptations, you can read that over on my personal blog. I refuse to put that on here lol

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