James White, Gerald Green Both Disappoint On Big Stage

After writing a post praising James “Flight” White dunking skills a few days ago, I (among other Flight followers) were pretty underwhelmed by his performance last night. 1 tweet sums up what I’m thinking

1st time in a long time I've agreed with Water Pistol Pete

1st time in a long time I’ve agreed with Water Pistol Pete

I’m not sure if it was nerves, the fact that he’s 30 (which is copout, since I’m 33 and can do some of his dunks), or the illogical execution of White’s dunks. The fact that he kept sprinting the length of the court took away the opportunity to improvise and come up with a quick, mid-range of difficulty dunk. I’ll have to watch the TNT commentary later today, but from my Twitter timeline, Charles Barkley, Shaq, and co. were generally bored by White’s performance as well. Tough, because this was probably his 1 and only shot to be a dunk contest competitor. I’m curious to see if this will effect his (already minimal) playing time or even if he stays with the Knicks. We’ll see…….

The same can be said of Gerald Green. It’s hard to believe that this was the same guy who was jamming down crazy alleys throughout last season and this year. Yet none of his dunks last night were anywhere near the explosiveness of his in-game dunks or his cupcake dunk from 2008.

In the end, it was 2 young guys – defending champ Jeremy Evans and Raptors’ Terrance Ross – that faced off in the finals. I thought Evans’ 1st dunk was creative on the level of it showed a different side of him. Word is, he actually painted the image he jumped over.



Terrance Ross took us back to the 2000 dunk contest. He paid homage to former Raptors franchise player and 1 of the Dunk Gawds, Vince Carter, by rocking the #15 jersey. Check out the whole round



  1. Not sure what James White was doing in the Slam Dunk contest in the first place…although, due to its lack of creativity, the whole spectacle has become totally boring!

    1. This was his 1st full season in the league, so I think it was 1 of those things that was bound to happen…even though he hasn’t even played enough to have a seasonal highlight reel of dunks…but he didn’t take advantage

      I think guys are running out of ideas b/c I mean we’ve seen so many classics ya know? Think they may have to check out And1/Street Ballers youtube and tweak

    2. That’s why the contest has been getting so stale and boring. As for White, I still don’t get running the full length of the court to make a dunk. That’s not the way it is in basketball. Most dunks are the result of alley-oops, miss-matches down low, and fast breaks at times. What was he thinking? You can guarantee he won’t be invited back next year…

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