Why James White Being In The Dunk Contest Is Great For All Star

At the age of 30, James White is finally get an opportunity to put his leaping talent on the biggest stage in basketball. For fans of great dunkers, we’re already familiar with what Flight White is capable. But for everyone else, they gon learn next weekend.

Earlier today, White told SLAM and Jared Zwerling that “I have about five dunks where I’m absolutely certain that I will get a 50 on those. So it’s just a matter of when to use which of those dunks.” You can Youtube White highlights and see that that’s not trash-talking.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of gimmicks in the All Star dunk contest. There have been many different props used and while some of them have been original and fun, they weren’t dunks in the true sense of the word. Maybe I’m dated, but I don’t want to see you dunking barefoot or changing costumes. I want to see you hop out of the building! *Kenny Smith voice* What James White can do in the air is the type of talent we used to see back when guys like Dee Brown, Dominique Wilkins, and Vince Carter were doing. So it’s going to be pretty cool to see that style come back.

But what makes this a possible front running fan favorite contest is that Gerald Green is also in it. This is the 2nd time these 2 will likely face off in the finals of a dunk contest. Green and White competed against one another in 2010 when they were both playing in Russia. And considering both of them have been out of the NBA for awhile until this year, it’s exciting to see what they both will bring out of their respective arsenals.


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