Dennis Rodman’s “Dennis The Wild Bull” Book Series Released

Dennis Rodman and childrens’ book aren’t a group of words most people would ever imagine in the same sentence. Yet, the 5-time NBA champion was recently in Illinois doing promotional appearances for his new book series, Dennis the Wild Bull.

Photo Credit: Gary Gibula/Chicago Tribune

The book is being published with co-author Dustin Warburton, with the marketing and promotional campaign being executed by Rodman’s manager.

Regarding the book’s focus, Warburton says “When he played basketball, he took pride in being an individual. So the story is about a bull who lives in the wild with his kids, looks different from the other bulls and he just loves life. He then gets captured by cowboys and put in a rodeo, but he escapes to be with his kids.”

At the promotional appearance this week, Bulls fans came out to support Rodman in droves and the book seems to be well received by parents and their childrens; despite Rodman’s tumultuous past.

I’m all for comeback stories and athletes continuing to reshape their image. This is a great opportunity for Rodman and I hope the book does really well.


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