Power Outage Gives 9ers Momentum, But Ravens Prevail

The Harbaugh Brothers. Ray Lewis’s Swan Song. Beyonce. You couldn’t have written a more exciting set of story lines heading into Superbowl 47.

And then this happened.

After Beyonce’s highly anticipated halftime show, the Superdome experienced a power outage that unleashed a bevy of Bane jokes on Twitter. Not only did advertisers probably lose money because their commercials didn’t air as scheduled, but the extended halftime gave the 49ers a chance to re-group and mount a comeback. In the 3rd quarter, the red and gold went for 3-0 on drives that included a TD pass to Michael Crabtree, a red zone score from Frank Gore, and a 34 yard FG from David Akers. It appeared that the power outage provided a well-needed spark to this 9ers offense.

However, that wasn’t enough to overcome the incredible performance put on by Flacco and company. Even though I was rooting for the 9ers, I’m happy for the Ravens, Ray Lewis, Torrey Smith, Ed Reed, and Jacoby Jones.

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