Fantasy Football Woes 2013: I’ll Still Draft Em Though

Last year, after I failed to make the playoffs in 2 of my 4 leagues, I reviewed all my rosters side by side and did a list of players that I’d never draft. How dreadfully wrong I was about Adrian Peterson! I didn’t do as bad this year because there were a few wack-a-mole elite players (Victor Cruz) and sleepers that were low round picks or caused waiver wire frenzies (Alfred Morris). I also tried to vary my rosters for each team as to avoid double fury. The difference between this year and last year is the season as a whole was interesting to watch play out.  I don’t think anyone expected some of the early offensive draft picks to perform as outstanding as they did. Yet some of the perennial favorites took longer to get hot or were lukewarm all the way through. I did 5 teams this year and the most transactions I did over the course of the season was 15. That’s something I’m proud of because it lets me know I’m done believing in the hype of 1 or 2 fluky games. Remember Kevin Ogletree?  Therefore there’s some players that I’d probably draft again.

Owen Daniels: You really have no other sure options after The Gronk, Jimmy Graham, and Tony Gonzalez. I took Owen Daniels in the 6th round. My thought process is the Texans won’t run Arian Foster into the ground as good as he is. They needed to save him for the playoffs. So Schaub is going to have to pass it. Daniels wasn’t targeted nearly as much as Jimmy Graham or Jason Witten. But netting 719 yards and 100 fantasy points (standard scoring), he’s not a bad option.

Lance Moore: I had Moore in 2 of my leagues going against the rule I employ. Graham was dealing with back issues, which left Drew Brees with Marques Colston (Hofstra stand up!!!), Devery Henderson, and hybrid Darren Sproles. For those of us who drafted him, it wasn’t a total L given Brees distributed his targets across the 4 receivers. In addition, Moore was also a great deep threat with 8 games of having a reception of 30 yards or more.

James Jones/Randall Cobb: I’m mentioning these 2 WRs as a pair because I’m sure they were likely either late round picks across the masses. I’ve already praised Cobb’s performance for the Packers this year. I’m going to add him with an asterisk since I didn’t draft him, but picked up him off the waiver wire. For those who did draft him, they know what a steal he was. James Jones on the other hand was a handcuff draft pick for me. Jones caught 65% of his targets and logged 14 TDs off 784 yards. In fantasy terms, that amounts to 9 double-digit games. His performances were 1 of the contributing factors in me making the playoffs in 1 of my leagues.

Stevan Ridley: I hate, hate, hate drafting players from my arch-nemesis in Foxboro. But it’s a necessity. In 1 of my leagues, I had the 1st pick so I took Aaron Rodgers in the 1st round and Gronk in the 2nd. I know, I know! Never pick a tight end that early. But you’d be an idiot to pass up the freak of nature athlete that Gronk is at his position. With Arian Foster, Ray Rice, AP, Marshawn Lynch, and Lesean McCoy all off the board by the 3rd round, I felt that Stevan Ridley was my best consistent option. Now evil Belichick had no qualms about benching Ridley for Danny Woodhead and/or Shane Vereen when he was playing terribly. For the most part though, I was happy with Ridley’s numbers. With 12 TDs and over 1200 yards, I actually watched a few Pats game for #fantasyreasons

Andrew Luck: Funny story about this pick. I had him on the same team that I drafted Aaron Rodgers. So when they faced each other, I asked on the Matthew Berry Love/Hate message boards who should I start? Now obviously, the resounding answer was Rodgers. The reality? Luck bested the top 3 QB by 4 fantasy points and out-threw him for 127 yards. Yes, that happened! And it effected my win for that week, along with David Akers’ sh*tty kicks.

I’d like to say I had fun playing fantasy football this year. But between contract hold outs, free agency signings, and oh-so-many drops, it was vexing. I’ve considered taking next year off to enjoy football as the gladiator sport it is without being a slave to the box scores.


  1. I’m looking to Cam Newton, Russell Westbrook, Kaepernick and RG3 to have tough years next year… Just like the WildCat, this OptionRead offense is gonna get figured out. Pocket Quarterbacks with short hurry up offenses will do well next year.

    (PS: long live MegaTron #goLions)

    1. In most drafts, I’m sure Russell Wilson and Kapernick went undrafted. RG3 didn’t go 1st round in any of the drafts I participated in, though the person who drafted him in like the 4th or 5th round was in 2nd place overall. What a steal that was!!!

      I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Kapernicus starts next year; especially if the 9ers don’t win it all now. I try to not buy into these meteoric sports rises and I didn’t watch him in college. But I was impressed week after week by Kapernicus and I’m excited to see more of his body of work you know? Far as Russell Wilson, I mean it’s the Seahawks, don’t really care. Between the 2 of them though, I think Kap has way more upside in FF simply because of the power behind his throw

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