2 Years In, Am I Doing This Right?

Still amazed at myself

Still amazed at myself

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how becoming an Examiner created an opportunity for me to discover a talent I didn’t even know I had.

I had no idea that writing regularly was something that I’d be able to maintain because my day job is so demanding. Op/ed writing is quite laborious. You have to find a topic, create a sound thesis, have either a good anecdote or 2-3 arguments to back up your thesis, and then close with a question or resolution that engages readers. On my Examiner page, I was only able to do 2-3 articles per month. An article on average would take me at least 2 hours. And with a day job that’s around-the-clock, you can imagine how rare it was for me to put in that much time consistently into something that wasn’t necessilary paying much. But then I realized it wasn’t about the money. I’m just a guy with an opinion who’s been through some crazy experiences and made it out with my sanity.

Writing is something that you have to have a passion for. It’s no different than the hours I put in at the gym or shooting 3 pointers. I wanted to get better at it so I had to carve out the appropriate time to perfect my craft. To not do that was to cheat my regular readers and to rob myself of gaining new readership. My commitment for 2013 is to do at least 2 articles a week. With that demand means that 30 and Beyond will shift its focus. For starters, I decided to change the layout and begin the streamlining schedule. I’ll continue to do a lot of sports posts and features because that’s my 1st love. But don’t be surprised if a week goes by and you don’t get an update to your inbox.

What I really wanted to update you guys about is my story. Back in August, I wrote an original piece entitled “Love’s Lost”. It was something that started off as a fun little exploratory project. But now, it’s becoming a full fledged short book. I say “becoming” because it’s still a work in progress. I’ve changed the title to When It Hurts. The original short short that I posted in August has now become the prologue to a bigger plot. So if you haven’t read that already, you can read it HERE.

The perfectionist in me has stressed over every sentence, verb, and dialogue exchange. I’ve also had to familiar myself with formatting. In a short, writing a short story is hard f*ckin work! I’m so excited to be able to share this experience with y’all though.

In the meantime, I’d like to get some feedback from those of you who are also writers or bloggers: What’s your writing process? How long does an average post take you to write? How do you balance your writing and your regular job? Do you ever feel like you don’t write or post enough? Be honest, do you have any posts right now that are in draft mode because you’re just not ready to finish them? 



  1. Since no one has responded to this piece, let me be the first. Blogging is a laborious, tedious, time-consuming, labor of love. With a day job the pressure can be overwhelming.
    For us, it requires more consistency given that the subject matter in new every day so there definitely is stress to contend with everyday. An average post replete with photos, can run between 1-3 hours depending on the subject matter and interruptions.
    It is fulfilling and can get ones mind off of normal daily hassles that invade our busy lives. Hopefully, you’ll keep it going and enjoy anther two years. Good luck with that short story…

    1. Hank, thanks for your feedback! Yes, sports writing rivals 1 of the hardest niches to write in b/c it’s literally hour to hour content…adding in the flair of doing op/ed pieces about like trades and projections, you’re right about it being a labor of love!

      What I love about your site is you don’t see many indie blogs dedicated primarily to fantasy sports. So I’ve enjoyed watching yours grow and the advice is often spot-on

  2. I will be completely honest, my writing comes in spurts, and will depend on my inspiration. For example, guest posts on other people’s blogs take me a shorter time than my own (usually 1-2 hrs) because it is born from a conversation I had with the blogger (usually on Twitter) so I have a base to extrapolate on.

    As for me, I will write every idea down as a blog title and send it to draft when the inspiration hits. Some I complete, some I don’t. I probably have 10 drafts that will never get written, mostly because they get clogged in what I coined ‘writers constipation’ where your head cannot pass an idea out because it is blocked by what the heart wants to say, lol. I have bypassed many a ‘fun’ piece for a personal post. As a matter of fact, I’ve been stuck on one for a week or two, so I should probably go back to writing now…..

    1. Constipation is too real…it’s like you know what you wanna say and what you wanna accomplish w/ the post, but you just can’t sync it to make sense to the avg person…add in your heart and the risk of over-sharing andddddd yeah –> draft purgatory

  3. My brain never stops so for me writing is like using the restroom. I use Evernote on my phone and anything that triggers an idea I jot it down and revisit the idea later. Like Maris above I think of my title first. I write everyday and it usually takes me about 2-3 hours to put a article together and edit it. I’ve been writing for so long I’ve found a balance between my mind and my heart. I recommend not getting too caught up in being afraid of what you’re feeling at any given moment. I always try to play around with different words because I view words like I view the temperature. You have hot words and you have cold words, nonetheless, these words can invoke different feelings or thoughts in the reader depending on how you use them. I like your blog though. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, man! I’ve seen Evernote come up on Twitter a few times, I’ll have to give that a try. Since this post, I’ve started using the simple Notepad app and Fav’n tweets on Twitter. So many of my posts (non-sports related) have their origins on that 1 platform alone.

      I like that idea about hot/cold words. I’ll have to start editing better because I do notice I tend to use the same words/phrases in the same way. Definitely something I wanna improve on.

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