Spike Lee Teams Up With Three/21 Media for “The World Is Watching”

Director/producer Rik Cordero is 1 of the hardest working and most sought after young multimedia mavens. He’s already worked with Jay Z, Wale, and has even produced 2 feature films.

His latest venture is a documentary, The World is Watching narrated by legendary Knicks fan Spike Lee. The series chronicles the current atmosphere of NY street basketball. And as Spike breaks it down “N-Y-C consists of the 5 boroughs, but when it comes to basketball, there’s only 4. My home of Brooklyn, the borough of Queens, the Boogie Down Bronx, and home of the only Renaissance in America, Harlem. Staten Island’s out.”

The only players in the series that I’m familiar with are Sidiki Johnson from Harlem and Dennis Green from the BX. Great talents and overall good dudes. Mo Harkless, who was sent to the Orlando Magic in the Dwightmare trade, is featured in the 2nd episode. These 1st 2 episodes are a must-watch if you’re a fan of street hoops.


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