Rockets Coach Kevin McHale and Kevin Garnett Share Emotional Embrace

In sports, genuine friendships are few and far between. Bitter rivals often turn into relationships of mutual respect. But we don’t see many friendships between athletes that translate off the court.

Credit: RocketsRed

Tonight, after the Celtics lost to the Rockets, future HoF and current Celtic Kevin Garnett went over to embrace an emotional Kevin McHale. HoF and current head coach of the Rockets, McHale returned to his coaching duties after taking a 3 week long hiatus to be with his family and ailing daughter. Alexandra McHale lost her battle with Lupus on November 24th.

This moment was especially hard to watch given the tragedies of this morning in Newtown, CT. Sometimes we lose sight of the simple things that bind us together because we’re so wrapped up in differences. This will be 1 of those instances that will replay in the minds and hearts of fans for awhile.

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