It’s Called “Fantasy Sports” For A Reason

In week 1, there was a mad dash to pick up Kevin Ogletree and Alfred Morris. Anybody who didn’t start RG3, but did start Victor Cruz in week 1 wanted to throw a table. And Aaron Rodgers looked uncharacteristically “meh” against the Bears in week 2. What’s that you say? The Saints will be fine without HC Sean Payton on the sideline? Oh…

Yes…yes it is

The entertaining thing about fantasy sports, football in particular, is its unpredictability. Sure you can listen to Matthew Berry’s podcast and be a slave to rankings across various sites. But you assume so much risk when you draft your team from day 1. For example, I started Aaron Hernandez this week over Tony Gonzalez; primarily because nobody expected the Pats to lose against the Cards. Not only did they lose, but Hernandez is now out for the next few weeks with an ankle sprain. So much for that stud pick smh

A friend of mine drafted Fred Jackson. Instead of playing his backup, CJ Spiller, who obviously was the lone runner this week, he started rookie Doug Martin. You can look at the box score from those 2 games and figure out why my friend is sick about that.

You can’t and shouldn’t base your must-starts week to week on how players rank or how they’re projected. Fantasy football is so exciting for the simple fact that every year, you could very well have a breakout star collecting dust on your roster. But you won’t know it if you succumb to knee-jerk reactions. Case in point, I knew going into last year’s draft that the 3rd wideout spot belonged to Domenik Hixon. Hixon was my final round pick in the draft as insurance for Hakeem Nicks’ nagging foot issues. And he was doing fine up until that season-ending injury. I’m very high on having at least 1 Giants player on my fantasy squad. So I said F it, let me grab Cruz and sit him until a bye. Best decision of my fantasy football life!

Every player is entitled to a bad game. I’ve heard tons of people say they’re putting A-Rod or Drew Brees on the trading block already. Depending on the rules of your league, that may have a great payoff for you now. But come week 12 or 13, you’re going to regret it. Tonight wrapped up week 2 of the season and I still say it’s too early to say who will and won’t be a fantasy stud. There are players who are consistent and will give exactly what you expect. However there are still others who are elite in real life, but their fantasy value may be slow to come. Be patient! Don’t bank your success in your league based on guys who have 1 outstanding game.

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