5 players that will round out your fantasy squad

I love this time of year! Football season is full throttle and all the major trades you care about over in the NBA are closed…we’ve done our draft already and looking at all 8 rosters got me thinking…I think some guys picked up players who will surprise those who draft them…as so many of the RBs are unclear and inconsistent due to injury concerns, check out my list

1) Titus Young: Megatron is gonna have guys all over him and you can’t forget that he’s facing the dreaded Madden curse…no doubt, you’re lucky if you get him, but Titus Young is poised to have a great year…he netted 6 TDs off 48 receptions last year, which translated to 94 fantasy pts for the year…his numbers will improve across the board guaranteed

*2) Chris Hogan: The Dolphins are basically on the clock for the 2013 #1 pick so I don’t expect anybody to be rushing to pick any players from that team…however w/ Davone Bess clearly the #1 slot receiver, a lane may open up for Hogan to be a 3 TD/200 WR guy…plus Hogan is wearing #81, that has to be a good sign right? If by chance Hogan gets waived, then stay away from all Dolphins players!

3) Doug Martin: The Bucs have a troublesome offense and they’re facing Detroit, San Fran, and NO all in the 1st 6 weeks…you can never put much faith in Josh Freeman therefore Schiano is going to have Martin doing heavy work…don’t let him being a rookie deter you from taking him in the 4th/5th round if he’s still available…at 5’9 and 223lbs, Martin has the type of explosiveness and size like Ray Rice or Mark Ingram…if you’re a fan of those guys in terms of fantasy production, Martin is a rookie worth the risk (on another note: DJ Ware, who was cut by the Giants, recently signed w/ the Bucs…interesting *Montgomery Burns voice*)

4) Desean Jackson: 2 years ago, Giants fans worldwide hated this guy as much as we hated Matt Dodge…then Jackson disappointed his GMs last year by pouting like 5 year old in the toy section of Targay…this year, he will definitely bounce back…why? B/c he has to! Let’s put this perspective for any delusional Eagles fans skeptics…the Redskins and the Cowboys have actually gotten better, while the Giants have stayed the same and the Eagles have all but become the Stifler of the NFC East…what hasn’t changed is that D-Jax is still Sonic the Hedgehog on the sides…he’s going in the early 5th round and in some, the 6th round…on ESPN, he’s ranked inside the top 30 for his position…w/ MV7’s propensity for injury, my call is D-Jax better suited as your flex than a WR2

Luck and Fleener reuniting could have some upside for those who take a chance on them

5) Coby Fleener: The Colts have an early bye (week 4) and Luck is projected have a statistically-respectable year…tight ends are ranked far more harsher b/c they’re very seldom scoring options…so Coby Fleener will be a steal if you draft him or pick him up as a free agent…he’s inside the top 20 for all tight ends as a rookie and he’s projected to have a 500+ yard season…despite the Colts’ terrible defense, I don’t think that’s a stretch at all

Good luck to all you fantasy GMs!


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