Updates Out of Giants Training Camp In Albany

* Terrell Thomas re-injured his knee, which could potentially take him out for a 3rd time in his career. Double T is 1 of my favorite Giants simply because he’s a stand-up professional. He’s not an obnoxious loudmouth like Antrel Rolle and when healthy, he’s definitely faster than Aaron Ross. Hate he’s having these type of troubles so early in his career. If in fact Thomas doesn’t come back, I expect the Giants to utilize their draft pick Jaron Hosley in the preseason for acclimation.

* Domenik Hixon is the guy I really want to see win more than anyone else in that locker room. He’s also coming back from a knee injury, which happened  after his incredible TD catch in Week 3. Hixon is just as talented as Victor Cruz and with the exit of Mario Manningham, the Giants desperately need him to stay healthy to give us some depth at WR. Check him out giving a short tour of the economical facilities in Albany.

Opening week of training camp discussing the CBA agreement and how it effects practices.


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