Is Bad Timing A Reality Or Just An Excuse?


So many people find themselves in the peaks and valleys of potentials-but-never-quite-it relationships. My impervious view on these situations is that TIMING IS EVERYTHING! You can have the right person at the wrong time. Equally, somehow you can have the wrong person at the right time and they suddenly become the right person.

Desire is often the unsuspecting competitor to timing. Our egoic psyche will swindle us into believing that there’s always going to be another opportunity. We want what we want when we want it. And if the “what” that we want doesn’t coincide with everything else happening in our lives, we expect that the “want” will come along again. I guess love, though, is cyclical. As long as you’re attractive, gainfully employed, and have good hygiene, there will always be someone out there for you.  But will you be ready?

In general, men will put off commitment until they accomplish what they want as individuals. I think “the couple that struggles together, wins together” is becoming an old wives’ tale. It’s something our parents and their parents thrived on because they applied work ethic to everything. Nowadays, these kids want it all without giving nothing #atthesamedamntime. A fulfilling relationship has become an artificial procurement as opposed to a personal end goal. I’ve been in a situation where the woman I cared deeply about was a ship passing in the night. Not only did we want different things, but our wavelengths were opposing. Don’t believe the hype that opposites always attract. They may attract, but they damn sure won’t sustain. If the timing is off, the relationship will end, feeling like that fling that likely wasn’t worth all the aftermath of an emotional rollercoaster.

Timing is some thing that’s often used as a deflecting device by both men and women. We all want love; to give and receive. But I liken the process of relationships to running a marathon. It takes practice and preparation. You can’t just show up and think you’re going to keep up with the people who studied and developed a method of running. In the race, you have to pace yourself. You can’t measure your ability to finish the race based on the speed of those around you.

When you overexert, you get shooting pains in your extremities right? But when you start off at a modest pace and realize when you need to pick up speed, running the race is no longer daunting. Remember, only a select few are running the race for timing purposes. Everybody else is just trying to reach the finish line.

Do you think timing is ever a hinderance to relationships? Is there such a thing as the “wrong time”?


    1. Thanks Hank! Definitely re-blogging

      Do you think RG3 will go the way of Cam and MV7 where he’ll have quite a few rushing TDs too? Because I looked at the Redskins WRs and I’m like, aside from Davis and Moss, who the heck is he passing to?

  1. Yes I do. Expect the ball to be in RGIII’s hands a lot. Not sure given his receivers how many wins he’ll garner, but he’ll get you some fantasy points for sure.
    As for Helu, remember that he started 5 games as a rookie and sveraged 85.6 yds. a game. He is the lead back this year but with Mike Shanahan you never know. (there’s also Hightower & Royster to share some carries). I like Helu as a RB2- Him and RGIII should work well together..

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