Ballplayer/Pelotero documentary trailer

Just as most renowned NFL wide receivers are black and the NBA only makes young black men their franchise stars, MLB is a sport that’s dominated predominantly by citizens who would otherwise be ignored.

Pelotero is a documentary that takes you behind the scenes of MLB recruiting in the Dominican Republic…being a DomiNYCan myself, the little boys I grew up w/ idolized Moises Alou, David Ortiz, and A-Rod just as much as they idolized Jordan and Jerry Rice…though baseball and soccer are more traditionally acceptable sports to excel at in Latino households than the other 2 sports.

Per its press release:

Every year, on July 2, 16-year-old Dominican boys line up for a chance to be signed by professional baseball teams to realize their dreams — play ball and earn enough money to help themselves and their families. Yet, corruption and politics has infiltrated the selection process and for many of these young boys it’s a whole new ballgame.

It sounds like a very intriguing watch. It’s now showing in NYC, however I’m not sure if it’ll branch out to other cities and theaters.


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