Connecticut Family Selling American Heirloom To Pay Off Son’s Med School

We all have to make sacrifices to attain the levels of success we want. But could you really see yourself parting with a piece of American sports memorabilia?

The Gott family of Stamford, CT is doing just that.

With son Michael’s medical school bills in the excess of $150,000, his mother Elizabeth has decided to sell Lou Gehrig’s 1928 homerun baseball at the AllStar Fan Fest in Kansas City.

The 84 year old baseball has been in the Gott family through generations as a hand-me-down since that historic game.

When asked about its place in their family, Gott said “It has a lot of history. It’s a lot about America. To think that it’s possible the team that we rooted for could actually help my son pay off some of his medical school debt, any amount would be fine.”

The piece of sports history has thus far netted a top online bid of $37,000. Though it’s actual value is estimated around $200,000.



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