Knicks Give James White Another Shot In The League

With Steve Nash off the market and Jeremy Lin being seriously courted by the Houston Rockets, the Knicks are left with some slim pickings and not a ton of money to sign some worthy free agents. Today, they brought back a blast from the past; James White.

The only way I could refresh James White into your memory is with this dunk highlights reel featuring fellow 2nd chance NBA-recruit , Gerald Green.

To be fair, I’ve been facebook friends with James for a year and I’ve seen his career growth while he’s been playing in Italy. I know his game has improved significantly from where it was 3-4 years ago. Out of the few professional teams that White did work out for, the Knicks decided to offer him a 1 year veteran-level deal. At 6’7 and 200 lbs, White will provide a nice boost off the bench. Lord knows we desperately need a spark in second halves.


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