40th Anniversary of Title IX Celebrated with “Voices”

I’ve always thought the WNBA was a powerful branching off for the NBA. As I hope to be a dad one day, I’ve always envisioned myself spending December-June with my son at Knicks games and then taking my daughter to a WNBA game whenever she wanted. The passage of Title IX in 1972 opened the sports world to gifted females athletes, allowing them opportunities to pursue any major sport they chose.

For the 40th anniversary, Nike is honoring women in sports with a documentary entitled “Voices”. It features interviews and retrospect from 4-time Olympic gold medalist Lisa Leslie, a pioneer in womens’ long-distance running Joan Benoit Samuelson, and former MVP for the Phoenix Mercury/2-time Olympic Gold medalist, Diana Taurasi. The womens’ stories and personal mantras are later enacted by younger girls to reflect the Nike brand being at the forefront in championing the next generation of female athletic achievers.

You can catch the documentary on ESPN on June 26


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