When will it be Melo’s turn?

Carmelo Anthony is an exceptional player and a likeable guy…but now that’s he’s become the only player out of the top 5 picks from the coveted 2003 draft w/out a ring, it has to make you wonder.

Which 1 of these guys don’t belong?

Like Lebron James, Anthony has carried his former team, the Denver Nuggets, into the playoffs every year…when Denver drafted him, they’d hoped they were getting a stud that could push their small market team into being a legitimate title contender in the West…the 1 year that the Nuggets did make it to the Conference Finals (2009), they did so w/ a very capable Chauncey Billups, JR Smith, Kenyon Martin, Chris Andersen, and Nene…in 2010, the roster added Will “the chill” Chandler and the pesky defense in Aaron Afflalo plus a young pure point in Ty Lawson…alas, Melo just never seem to quite make it…as an asterisk though, the Western conference used to be far stronger than the East…w/ his discontent in Denver bubbling, we saw Melo’s numbers and playing time slightly dip…as his draft classmate and friend did via The Decision, Melo made the fanaticized jump to a bigger market in hopes of getting some hardware* to put next to his 2003 NCAA championship…but it’ll remain empty for another few years, unless something changes w/ the Knicks.

My biggest issue w/ Melo is there’s rarely a sense of urgency…when the Knicks fired that fraud Mike D’Antoni, it was as if the Knicks FINALLY realized “hey maybe we can make a run at this”…an unknown kid from Harvard came through to shake things up and a quasi-healthy Baron Davis returned, yet Melo remained relatively quiet…even though they finished the season 18-6 when Mike Woodson took over, as usual, Melo was given a 1st round exit…by Miami no less!

The media has enjoyed vilifying Lebron, that’s a fact…they created a super-villain that could easily polarized the sports world and fans…but the 1 thing I truly respect about him is that he held himself accountable and continued to play hard…when it looked like Dwyane Wade was playing w/ a hidden, nagging injury and Bosh sat for a few games, Lebron picked up the slack on both ends of the court…so now that Lebron has done what we’ve been waiting for him to do, shouldn’t we transfer that same slander to Melo? Personally, I doubt he can warrant that type of attention, but it should be expected that pundits will have him under a microscope all next year…your move, Melo

* To his credit, he does have a gold medal…I mean that’s something, right? No? Ok fine



    1. He’s never had to “change” per se…but I think the criticism will get to him eventually, in a good way…I just wanna see him keep playing defense like he started to this yr and become a better passer

    1. He wasn’t drafted in the top 5 of that class though…he went late in the teens

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