5 Solid Friendships You Should Have by 30

Some friendships are spontaneous. Others are born out of conflict and then forge over copped pleas. The journey to raising your glasses at each other’s weddings are full of plunges and peaks. But there’s certain friendships, or shall I say the type of friend you should have in your circle, that should be fully developed and carefully honored by the time you reach 30. *Keep in mind the mentioned categories can be found in 1 person or distributed across 3-4 people.

1) The friend who has the means and opportunity to travel away from stateside: Once you reach a certain age, Miami and Vegas are no longer considered vacation spots. You can do those type of trips in a weekend. More often than not, they’re filled to the brim with the type of women whose only exercise is the walk of shame. There’s an entire world beyond the US that will leave you questioning everything you believed to be true about the US. Every group of close-knit friends should try to do a 5 day trip to a place that requires a passport. It’s an experience that will give you a wealth of enviable stories to tell.

I will tell my children about this moment in pop culture

2) The married friend who’s happily married: Granted “happily married” can be subjective and misleading. But it’s almost integral for a single guy/girl to have a best friend that is in constant marital bliss. Does that mean his/her life is perfect? Absolutely not. However, it does mean that they’ve reached an age where their partner’s perfect imperfections are like a slice of red velvet cake. For men, that married friend probably has developed a more discerning eye when it comes to the women you date. Ironically, you 2 used to be the  Bunz and Rushon of your campus. He knows all about the women who lie hurt and jaded in your past. But he’s also optimistic that you will find “the 1”.

3) The guy that’s a networking guru

There’s a difference between knowing alot of people and alot of people knowing you. Every guy needs a Mike Lowery. Now why want a real friend based on a fictional character? He’s charismatic, he’s light-hearted, women love him, and guys want to be cool with him. This type of friend usually works in an industry that breathes off quid pro quo. He could also be a well-known figure in his fraternity or professional organization. Whatever cloth he’s cut from, his in will be your in when it comes to anything from a clutch job interview to 100-level seats to a sold out game.

4) The not-as-attractive-as-you-are friend: I don’t know if guys care that much about this, but women definitely do! I mean, they reeeeeeeally do! There was a 45 minute discussion regarding this phenomenon about 2 weeks ago. So why do you need a friend that’s a little on the wayward side when it comes to looks? You just do LOL There’s no rhyme or reason nor sophisticated research to support why. Personally, I have that type of friend because that means less competition for me when it comes to women. Often, as adults, the friendships you really take time to foster are the ones here you share alot in common; this includes your taste in the opposite sex.

5) The friend who knows how to throw a great party: I don’t mean that “my guest list closes at 11, don’t text me from outside” type of party. I’m talking about the friend who knows what passed hors doevurs are. The friend who has a profoundly eclectic music collection. The friend who spares no expense when it comes to quality alcohol. People of all races and professional backgrounds flock to this person like a moth to a flame. You can couple this with the married friend and pray that he married a woman who loves to decorate and entertain. I enjoy having this type of friend out of all because it gives a great meeting ground for the rest of the group. It makes it easy to set up a monthly check-in party. And nobody’s going to want to have an excuse not to come through.

Friendships evolved over time and much of that change can stem from our lives not moving at the same pace. But you can’t overlook the value of having a solid yet diverse circle around you that is representative of who you are at your core.

Any of other type of friends I left out?


  1. I would add the nuturer (or the extra-happy) friend. With so many single people not living near family everyone needs one friend that has a deliriously positive outlook on life, and can lift your spirit in even the darkest of times. Bonus points if they do it with food.

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