Where Do The Lakers Go From Here?

I’m sure Kobe feels like that drop kick he threw Fish

Nobody loves to see the Lakers lose more than Knicks fans. Our hatred for them goes back just as far as the Lakers/Celtics beef. Blame it on the big market competition. But after watching the Lakers in this postseason, it really has to make you think what will become of 1 of the most polarizing, historic franchises in the world.

I already gave you evidence of the Lakers nation idiocy. They have now missed the Western Conference Finals back to back. The 1st thing they screamed from the 500 level seats at home was “trade Gasol”. And I admittedly am not a fan of that Gasol. But let’s look at some stats to reflect how Gasol has effected the Lakers since his arrival.

Shooting: 1st yr – 59%, this yr 50%

Rebounding: 1st yr 211, this year 678

Blocks: 1st yr 42, this yr 88

He’s what you’d expect in terms of shooting from a 4 guy. His numbers are skewed from this year to last year as most players are by nature of playing less games. But more than anything, I’ve noticed his attitude as a whole has changed, even from last year to this year. You can’t keep bringing up the “shortened season, guys are tired” excuse anymore; especially not when 35 year old Tim Duncan is balling out. Gasol doesn’t have that fire in him. In the playoffs especially, that fire was non-existent. On paper, Gasol and Bynum should be what Duncan and David Robinson were for the Spurs. The difference is Gasol and Bynum need major attitude adjustments to even get 50% to where the Twin Towers were.

Yes Lakers nation, you heard him right

If Mitch Kupchak is going to be reasonably assertive about getting the most out of the $60 million price tag Kobe has over the next 2 years, he would be wise to keep Gasol and send Bynum to Orlando for Dwight Howard. That deal should work as a 1 for 1. Neither of these centers seem thrilled on their current teams. Bynum already has a ring so maybe greener pastures is what he needs to re-ignite that spark. Dwight Howard is chasing his 1st ring and he needs a power forward like Gasol in the front with him.

Now the rest of the roster is really up for grabs —- I like Ramon Sessions. He was a great trade for the Lakers at the right time. He just wasn’t ready for the type of pressure that the playoffs bring. I mean the guy has played for the Bucks and the Cavs, enough said right? Now that he’s had the experience, he’ll be okay going forward.  He’s a keeper.

Ron Artest (he’s a good friend of mine so I refuse to call him MWP), Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Josh McRoberts are all disposable. The bad thing is the only teams I can think of that could use any of them are Orlando, Houston, and maybe the Warriors. Who knows what’s going to happen with Steph Curry’s ankle, but since they let Monte Ellis go, they could use Steve Blake and Matt Barnes. I would LOVE to have Ron Ron come to NY, just for his defense alone.

Whatever moves Kupchak decides to make, it must include Dwight Howard and an efficient wing player. This year is also a great time to get veterans for cheap on a 1-2 yr deal. It’s going to be an interesting summer out in LA to say the least



  1. Really nice post here. It’s definitely worth asking if this is it for this era of Kobe and the Lakers. It’s hard to believe with Pau and Kobe not getting any younger that these guys can continue to compete in the ever strong west for an NBA championship. Bynum is going to have to take a huge role more consistently, especially near the end of games but that’s definitely a big if for the franchise considering his comments yesterday. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this Laker team works itself out in the off-season and if they really change up their roster. Also, you think you could take a gander over at my blog post because I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/cant-build-around-bynum/

    1. Thanks for reading, bro! I think this Lakers team is where the 98 Bulls were. After that championship, Jordan was like 34 or 35, Pippen, Rodman and Harper were old too. And the Bulls didn’t bounce back to that caliber until they got D-Rose. Even now, they’re not fully there. They still need to do something w/ Rip or Boozer. Bynum has the same type of style as Dwight, it’s really all in his mentality. He’s super-childish and disengages himself. I don’t know, maybe Magic and Kareem will have a sitdown w/ him over the summer and put his battery back in.

    1. They definitely are. And the sad thing is, Bynum isn’t solid enough mentally to organically build through future drafts as the Bulls and Spurs did. That’s why I think it’s smarter for them to keep Gasol. He’s going to be a beast in the Olympics and more than likely, will return to training camp w/ a fresh mindset.

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