Lakers Fans Are So Obnoxious

They cried because they were swept last year. They cry whenever Kobe doesn’t get the phantom calls they think he should. And even though the refs pander to the superstar at every arena in the league, Lakers fans still find themselves whining and complaining when Helen Keller could tell they’re being out-played and out-coached.

Even Blake’s wiki page wasn’t safe…people have too much time on their hands smh

In the latest display of Lakers Nation behavior, fans got drunk off keyboard courage threatening the wife and family of Steve Blake (as a result of his huge game 2 wide open miss) and then yesterday, they turned on Pau Gasol. Although, maybe the Gasol vitriol is warranted (?) I can understand the frustration of Lakers fans because I’m a Knicks fan. But these hooligans are borderline psychotic in the way they attack players via Twitter and FB. The irony is they refuse to acknowledge that Kobe has had piss poor shot selection ALL SEASON LONG!

I commend how Steve Blake handled it though. What’s funny is the guy barely tweets as it is, so his wife saw his mentions before he did. Go figure


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