5 Randomly Sexy Things I Love About Women

Most guys have a specific type of women they lust after. What makes me snicker to myself is the woman that they spend gassin up and e-stalking is very seldom the same type of woman they actually end up with. A guy can have his dreams though right? For me, my fantasy woman is Stacey Dash. I’ve professed at least 1 nasty thing in my About Me page up there ^^^ that I want to do to her with reckless disregard. Some alluring things about women aren’t directly acquiesced yet I know I’m not alone in appreciation for them.

Back dimples on the right form

Never mind the precipitation strategically dripping down her sculpted back, the back dimples were created by God as coasters for your thumbs. Not every woman has them, so it’s as mysterious as the dimples on a woman’s face. I remember the 1st time I saw a pair of symmetrical back dimples. I can’t disclose details because this isn’t that type of blog. But let’s just say, she stole my heating pad later on.

With Rihanna, you get a 2 for 1; legs and a mean shoe game

I’m sure it’s been scientifically proven in some sexist mens’ magazine psychological journal that men appreciate breasts and a firm backside more than any other feminine trait. Call me an anomaly, but this guy loves legs! I dote on them far more than I do the upper region. And when a nicely sculpted pair of stems is capped off with a nice pair of shoes or sneakers (relative to the occassion), I’m in a pure heaven. There’s a reason why Beyonce and Rihanna are so popular among the gays. Aside from their jobs of putting on a damn good shows, their below-the-waist outside appeal is a sight that makes us all giddily exclaim

Singing is 1 the most awesome talents a woman can have. Some guys admire woman’s wit or sense of comedy, or the more racier sexual prowess. I’m impressed by a woman that could theoretically win The Voice if she entered. I’m not expecting you to belt notes out on command. But because I’m such an aficionado of great singers, I could fall hard for a woman that blindfolds me and sensually coos “Crown Royal”

* For all the new followers and readers, it’s #allnyeverything over here! But I am a Tarheels fan as well

I love a woman who loves sports. I love a woman who has a team she’s consistently roots for. And I’ll likely marry a woman who owns at least 1 team jersey belonging to her hometown team. Even if she doesn’t root for her hometown team, there’s something that is sexy as hell about a woman in a fitted jersey. Now if it’s Giants or Knicks jersey, mannnnnnn listen

Fellas, any quirky things you really love about women? Ladies, same question?



  1. I feel ya on most of these. I’m sorta meh with the sports thing, but a singer…Yes Lawd! Legs do it for me too, but since I like thickums (size 12-20 depending on height and body shape), the legs must be proportional. A firm rear is always appreciated, but to be chestily blessed or glutely blessed, I’ll take the bustiness any day of the week. I know that’s an aberration for a brotha.

    1. You know what man, I’m not into bigger women, but here in Houston, a size 14/16 seems to be the norm. I’ve seen so many bad women that back in NY, I’d never 2nd glance at. But they’re gorgeous down here and when everything is sitting right like you said, the thirst Gawds rejoice!

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