I’m Not Gay, But I Understand

If you want to set the interwebs ablaze, bring up LGBT rights and politics! I seriously had to log off Twitter yesterday because my feed was full of people talking about their opinion, Barack Obama’s support of said community, and what it’ll mean for the upcoming election.

The LGBT political dichotomy is both frustrating and enlightening to eavesdrop on from the rafters. Primarily because as a heterosexual, Christian guy, I don’t care about what the next person does in their personal life! I genuinely don’t. And in essence, I think that’s what Pres. Obama was subliminally saying. Of course by it being an election year, it helps him immensely to sway or split the LGBT vote by proclaiming that “I think same sex couples should be able to get married”. As a state figurehead, he’s demonstrating that the LGBT community is not a subservient group to mainstream America. They’re not a group that should be dealt with at a Javale McGee wingspan length. They are an important thread of America, whether mainstream Judeo-Christian America wants to admit that or not.

Like black people, the LGBT community has had to endure the elementary social injustices and biases. People make uneducated assumptions and sweeping generalizations based on narrow-minded learned ideologies. Just as black men, women, and children were senselessly murdered and victimized, the LGBT population has had experience their share of social vitriol. What they’re fighting for is the very basic human right to be enjoy the sanctity of marriage as heterosexual couples too. Many of us, like myself, don’t see why political rhetoric has been so staunchly against what’s exclusively and historically been a states right. But let us not forget that there was a time where interracial marriage were illegal in many states. The basis of the support behind that was the Puritanical separatist views of the times; same as now. You might be unaware, but HBO recently aired a documentary regarding the sanctity of marriage of it applied to blacks and whites.

This landmark case was a product of an evolving paradigm in the political history of America. In 1967, the statute in the state of Virginia (Racial Integrity Act of 1924) was struck down by the US Supreme Court. The highest court in the land ruled that this law violated due process and equal protection, as instituted under the 14th Amendment.

The political climate seems to be in that same pressure cooker now. You have the Democrats and Republicans that are using the same, redundant  foundations to force their arguments. The only difference is the LGBT are a formidable sub-group in terms of voting mobilization and lobbyists. They are a voracious people and since Pres. Obama has become a visual supporter, I perceive  that this will become a centerpiece of heated debate for the next presidential term.

As I said, I could careless. There are some states who are more progressive than others. In the traditional, Bible-belt, same sex unions will be slow to become legislation. But I think the time will come in the next 10-12 years where at least 60% of the states will ratify same sex marriage.


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