Marvel’s The Avengers starts the summer off right

You can go ahead and say that Memorial Day Weekend came a little early this year at the box office…no offense to Will Smith, but I think people will still be talking about the awesomesness of The Avengers at the end of the month

1 of the doper actual sequences

Like many ensemble movies that feature A list actors, you may have a little cynicism going in, especially since Captain America starring Chris Evans was underwhelming…but surprisingly, every single actor held their own in character! Tony Starks (Downey Jr.) is his usual narcissistic, over-indulgent self, Thor (Hemsworth) is all brawn very little brain, and Steve Rogers (Evans) have much of the movie’s humorous banter due to their differing ideologies about the villainous Loki (Middleston)…the Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff (Johansson) shows to be a formidable force as we watch her take down her captors while tied up in a chair…yet her Achilles’ heel is the connection she feels to Hawkeye (Renner), who becomes a minion of Loki within the 1st 10 minutes of the film.

1 of the better aspects of the film is the variety of directing that Joss Whedon does…there are so many different shots and sequences that keep the movie engaging, even if you opt not to see it in 3D…I think The Avengers aesthetically destroys Whedon’s previous directorial hero work, Thor…also getting credit as writer, Whedon’s knack for snappy dialogue is a prevailing talent…he equally utilizes all of the members’ powers and vulnerabilities, crafting them into a well-thought out script…having so many egos in 1 room is a hard feat and we’ve seen it fail in many films…but at their cores, The Avengers are compromised of men (and a woman) with sustainable identities…in what you can call “lulls” of the story, Whedon’s dialogue keeps it from meandering…I felt a really melodic pacing to the film, which is hard to accomplish when you know viewers are all anticipating the big boom.

I’ve seen both Hulks and I thought to myself, why wasn’t Mark Ruffalo casted for those from the very beginning??? He’s truly the show-stealer when making the transformation from meek, quiet Banner to the pulverizing Hulk…while we see all of the powers from the other guys used throughout the movie, when the Hulk comes on screen, it’s mesmerizing!

This is the 1st movie of the year where I have no complaints or “what they coulda did better” suggestions…it’s a great movie all around


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