5 Necessary Spring Closet Additions For Guys

I’ve been in Atlanta for awhile and the 1 thing I noticed right from the beginning is fashion down here is so different. Notwithstanding that I have a spent a good chunk of my adult life in NY so one may deem me as biased. The only time guys put on their best is when they’re going to the club or out with female company. You don’t have to be a label-whore to keep your closet in season, you just gotta be resourceful. Now that the weather’s heating up, there’s certain trends that are certainly more agreeable down here.


It’s officially wedding season! Whether it’s a beach wedding in Hilton Head or an uber-sophisticated reception at the W, every man needs a linen seersucker suit for this time of year. Nothing is more uncomfortable than going to a wedding and people looking at you wondering “what time’s the funeral?” Linen seersucker suits are also versatile. They’re easily accommodated for day time or night time weddings by simply changing your shirt and tie combo.

Patterned ties: Ties stress guys out. I’ve been in the dress shirt section of mens’ and have seen my fellow bredren walk around aimlessly looking for the right tie to match that abstractly colored shirt they have. (Sidebar they really need to hire more women in that section than other similarly confused dudes) Personally, I think with a plain navy, gray, or brown suit, the best way you can make it your own is to pair it with a a savvy patterned tie. If you’re bold enough, you can do a paisley tie. Thetiebar.com is a great resource for every style you can think of. They even give you a virtual swatch to make sure the tie you select will look okay against a shirt.

You can’t go wrong with a fedora

It doesn’t matter what color the hat is, New Era does not go with everything! Fedoras have reach their height in the last 4-5 years. They’re the ideal clutch head attire if you can’t get an appointment with your barber in time. They’re probably the cheapest thing in your closet that will give you an uptown look. This 1 is only $40 in Express, but I’ve seen some as cheap as $25.

You cannot live in the South and not own boat shoes. Jay Z even told you “White louie boat shoes, you should grow the f-ck up, come here let me coach you”. For some, boat shoes may seem pretentious since they’re more commonly associated with the upper crust of the Northeast.  But as I’ve gotten older, boat shoes are a nice change from wearing sneakers and Nike slides all the time. The most notable brand is Polo, but make sure you leave enough money to lotion up your ankles.

Bling bling is so 2004

There was a time when having watches bathed in diamonds and platinum were all the rage. They perfectly complimented throwback jerseys and AF1s. Now, watches are merely an understatement. The thing is, every man should have 2 sets of watches; a work watch and a few special occassion watches. But then there’s that evening yet not-so-special occassion gray area that’s hard to call. For example, you’re going to a Wednesday night bible study at church because you heard the singles’ ministry is growing. You don’t want to wear your flashy stainless steel Breitling piece. And your work watch looks plain. My suggestion is a solid color, leather band watch. This black Movado will run you $350. Even if you’re on a austerity budget, you can’t sacrifice quality.


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