So how did the Giants do in the draft?

I didn’t get to watch all the draft b/c well, nobody does, unless they work for ESPN or Fox…but I did see that the Giants took a RB in the 1st round…David Wilson out of Virginia Tech is a pretty good pick for us, seeing as Bradshaw is injury-prone and we let Brandon Jacobs go…the kid is incredibly fast, logging a 4.2 40 time last year and 4.4 at this year’s combine…at 5’9 and 206lbs, he’s smaller than Jacobs, but that’s not a bad thing…he’s extremely proficient in cutting which is a skill that was deteriorating from Jacobs’s repertoir

Also out of VT, we picked up a decent corner is Jaron Hosley…I think all of Giants nation was glad to see Aaron Ross go! Hosley will be a nice replacement b/c he has great hands and is a way better tackler than Ross was…check out his appearance on ESPN’s Sports Science a few months ago

We addressed our other needs on the defense and even picked up vet Shaun Rogers…but other than these 2 picks, we had an underwhelming draft…compared to our NFC East counterparts, our championship unit has only varied by the 2 major offensive addition, we have a cluster of players coming back from injuries, so we’ll see how healthy they can stay…Osi’s contract is still undecided as to whether the Giants will keep him or trade him…personally, I think we should keep him for 1 more year, let the new talent develop around him and then let him go

1 thing’s for certain, the NFC East is definitely the division to watch this season!



  1. I would have liked to see us pick up a TE as well, but considering where they picked I think it was an ok draft. We also need another WR b/c of the loss of Manningham but that was not the most important pick we needed cause Nicks will be returning.

    1. We picked up 1 in the 5th roundI believe, but we also signed Martellus Bennett…haven’t heard anything about the time table for Beckum and Ballard, but we still have Pascoe so I think TEs we’ll be ok

  2. Yeah I saw but the the jury will be out on Beckam & Ballard for a while. Difficult injuries to come completely back from very quickly.
    The receiver is nothing to write home about but WR wasn’t a top priority..

    1. Yeah I don’t see why they drafted another WR, when Orson Charles was still on the board in round 3…he would’ve been steal for us

    2. Giants are notoriously cheap and slow when it comes to making moves LOL so they probably won’t even discuss trades and injuries til like June/July

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