Think Like A Man: It’s a Movie, Not a Documentary

I just caught the #1 grossing movie in the nation, Think Like A Man…now that the opening weekend craze had tampered off, the theater wasn’t crowded at all…so I had a chance to watch it and jot down some observations about it in my notepad app…I’m not gonna review the movie in its entirety, but offer you my opinions about some things that jumped out at me:

The writing

Romantic comedies follow a uniform and definitive format…guy meets girl, they catch feelings, girl questions if he’s the right 1, they argue, blah blah blah…so TLAM is no different, except it is! The writing is smart and clever…they incorporate and kinda poke fun at other movies…for ex: 1 of the leads Michael Ealy makes reference about how in Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls, a psycho dude throws his kids out the window…the comedic irony is that Michael Ealy played that character in that movie! There’s a few 1990s references that are threaded into the dialogue too…some movies tend to try too hard to be pretentious in the language and speech…and on the opposite side, there’s movies that limit the characters to doing toilet jokes and counting how many different ways they can say “I hit that”…TLAM is square in the middle and that’s a good thing

Kevin Hart

By far the funniest scene in the movie

I hate that he did so much voiceover in the film…moreso b/c I hate movies that use voiceover, it’s lazy…but it somehow worked for this movie…he’s the going-through-a-divorce-I-hate-that-b*tch guy…so while his boys are falling in love, he’s bitter and trying to make it rain in the booty bar…the best part about Kevin Hart’s role is that none of it (I’m guessing) was scripted…he didn’t have to follow the set up of forced jokes or random, gratuitous tangents…much of his dialogue sounded like it was straight of his stand up act…great decision on the part of the writers and director!

Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes, Lisa Leslie, Rasual Butler, and newly-suspend Ron Artest make cameos

Celebrity Cameos

(raise your hand if you knew Rasual Butler was even still in the league) I guess this can be a positive and a negative…I mean the NBA players served their purpose…but having Lala Anthony play Meagan Good’s best friend, then having Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson play jilted dates, w/ Chris Brown playing a dude Meagan Good got dissed by…I don’t know it was overkill for me…I felt like since those roles weren’t tantamount to the stories, they could’ve been given to struggling actors

The only true complaints I have about TLAM is the over-usage of John Legend’s new track…like the celebrity cameos, the song’s repetitive placement was unnecessary…I counted 5 different times in 2 hrs that it came up…and I HATED the cutaways to Steve Harvey’s chex cereal sized teeth…personally I feel like they should’ve chosen between either no voice overs period or integrating the rules from Harvey’s book into the dialogue

So there you have it…this film benefited from the multi-faceted promo…not only did Rainforest do the standard commercials, but they actually involved the cast in doing private screenings weeks ahead of the release…the actors made special appearances in various cities and it relied heavily on ad space in the urban blogosphere…even on ESPN and during TNT on Thursday you saw teasers…many people are dead set on not seeing it simply b/c they abhor Steve Harvey or they make sweeping generalizations about the film just off its connection to the book…but coming from someone who’s SEEN it, the movie is not meant to analyze and teach you about the myriad of differences between men and women…take it for what it is and judge it as you would any other rom-com that’s not based on a best-selling book


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