10 Gadgets/Toys I Miss From My Childhood

I was browsing on eBay to see if there’s a market and demand for some of younger brother’s gadgets and toys from the 1990s. There was an 11 year gap between us, so we sort of had the same toys and some of his were actually much cooler than my 1980s prototypes.

It’s sad that kids don’t go outside and play anymore. Hell, half of these little hooligans don’t even own board games! Children born past 1996 are entertained by trashy TV, video games, and the i-whatever. I know there’s an app for everything. But checking out some old stuff, I realized how much my kids will be deprived of that social interaction. Let’s take at some cool toys from the 1980s-1990s.

(In no particular order)

I can't even tell you how many of those little pieces I bribed my little brother to swallow then held a flash light up to his stomach

They even had a talking viewmaster I think

No words even necessary

Only the top dogs in the neighborhood had this big boy

Call me a geek, but I loved board games and LIFE was my favorite! This is a parody version though

Before Madden and 2K, Tecmo Bowl was how I spent my weekends

I bet very few people remember this! Basically for like $12, you could have access to up to 60 different games every month thru Sega and Time Warner

I don't even remember them promoting this! Shoot, I'd buy this as an adult

List wouldn't be complete without Transformers

The original version was dope. Didn't even realize they brought it back

What were some of your favorite toys, electronic gadgets, or action figures from the 80s and 90s?


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