Melo vs. the Chicago Bulls (Pt 1)

I’m a Bulls fan, J is a Knicks fan…so you can only imagine the massive amount of shit-talking that went on on Easter Sunday! D. Rose, coming back from a 12 game absence, started off cold…but when he gets on a streak, that boy can be very dangerous…unfortunately for my Bulls though, Melo was hot ALL GAME LONG! The Knicks have won every home game since Mike Woodson took over as coach…and as long, they let Melo keep doing iso moves (which are his specialty) the Knicks have a nice opportunity to make for some nail-biting 1st round games…we play them again at the UC, so stay tuned for Pt 2

As J would say “it’s great time to be a fan in New York”…watch Melo light it up in the 4th qtr and overtime!



  1. Oh! You already know the $hit-talking has officially started…LOL And, it’s on and poppin on Tuesday! May the best team (AHEM, DAAAAA BULLS) win!

  2. If Carmelo learns to play together with Lin and Amare, the Knicks will be unstopppable :). Imagine Novak being left alone because these 3 guys are on fire!

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