American Reunion Continues A Successful Run (Review)

Jim Levenstein, Kevin Myers, Chris Ostreicher, and Paul Finch are guys us 80s babies grew up w/…I feel like I know them and would dap em up if I saw them (well the actors who play them) on the street…when the original American Pie came out, I was a 18 yr old college freshman…so granted I had already gotten my 1st taste of women parts, yet I could still relate to the pranks and hoops this foursome were going through to get theirs…it was funny to watch the all-American jock “Oz” pursue the chorus prude…I could relate watching high school sweethearts Kevin and Vicki try desperately take it to the next level…all the while, the 5th wheel Steven Stifler was c*ck blocking at every turn…so did anything change in 13 years?

Even Stifler's Mom stuck around for the reunion

For starters, these guys who were so tight knit in the 1st 2 movies are now off doing their own thing…Oz wasn’t even in American Wedding, so we had no idea what happened w/ him and Heather…but as most of us do in the digital time, the guys primarily keep in touch via Facebook…they’ve all gone on to lead somewhat pleasing lives…the most successful out of the bunch is “Oz” who’s kinda like ESPN’s Jay Bilas…Kevin (who I thought would’ve wound up being the most successful) is a house-husband that does whatever he can to please his wife…Finch’s and Stifler’s job at the ages of 32? Well, go see the movie to find out! And Jim…the same kid who ejaculated before even touching Shannon Elizabeth is living the cushy, quiet, and BORING suburban life w/ Michelle.

I think what made me love this movie, even though I knew the jokes who still be penis jokes and lots of unnecessary cursing, was that the film allows you to become your own character in these guys’ lives…as moviegoers, we watched them go from boys to men…we went through all the growing pains they did…I went to my 10 yr reunion and I definitely went in the idea that I’d have a blast bragging on how dope my life turned out and to make a few wrongs right again w/ certain people…for Jim, the trip back home to East Great Falls is a way to rekindle the lost spark in his marriage…for Oz, he crosses paths w/ his 1st love to discover why things didn’t work out…for Kevin, the temptation to re-open Vicki’s box gets tested…and Stifler just wants to show the class of 1999 that he’s still got it

There’s so many memorable scenes in the movie…as usual Stifler steals the show, but the opening scene is freaking hilarious! I knew then that it was $8 well spent on a movie ticket.

I’m usually not a fan of ongoing sequels, but American Reunion was well-executed on all fronts…it’s a must-see w/ 3.5 stars up!


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