Is America Ready for A Black Bachelor?

I’m a professional model…I’ve been in a few major print ads and have also done commercials for Verizon and Nike…I work in the FBI, I went to college, have no kids, and go to church on all the major holidays…so does that qualify me enough to be seriously considered to be on ABC’s The Bachelor?

Lamar Hurd has actually launched a campaign to be chosen as the 1st black bachelor (that’s indeed his publicist’s twitter handler -_-)…watch

Here’s the thing — VH1 made a joke out of ABC’s concept in having 20 women vy for the attention of 1 eligible guy…they created Flavor of Love and then took it step further giving shine to that miniature lame, Willie Ray Norwood Jr…combined, we (meaning mostly the urban community) were subjected to over 100 ratchet, disgustingly vile women…and I’m not just talking about looks b/c some of the girls were actually not bad looking…but their attitudes and their mouths were unsavory…however, we only got force-fed multiple seasons b/c black people support ignorance (don’t debate me on that!)

Admittedly I’ve never seen a single episode of The Bachelor…primarily b/c I don’t see people that look like me…if there is a black girl on there, obviously she doesn’t stick around past maybe the 3rd or 4th episode…they pick guys who are super clean cut to fulfill the allure of giving millions of women wet-dreams…they cast women who come from all walks of life, yet they all kinda look like the same…extremely tanned, pearly white teeth, usually decent body shape, it’s like a “have it your way” catalog

I was sent the audition info to apply to be the bachelor on the show…and it’s weighing on me more than I thought it would…by the high chance that I do get selected as a finalist, I’ll have to sell myself up against guys that I kinda detest and would never hang out w/ in real life…I think whomever they choose, his “performance” could effect the way the producers will consider casting more ethnic guys and women…I wanna be sure that my application answers are honest but still respectable enough to stand up against my competition…more than anything though, I want my enthusiasm and experience to be enough that more ethnic guys (blk and hispanic) will apply to be on the show…if nothing more than to show mainstream America that there are good guys out here

Do you watch The Bachelor? Do you think it’s time for a black bachelor? In picking a black bachelor, do you think they should equally cast enough black women to meet his taste?

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