Stephon Marbury, Beijing Ducks Win Big

With so many NBA stars jumping across the pond in various markets last year to keep their bodies conditioned during the lockout, media coverage of Stephon Marbury’s stint in the CBA sorta got lost…but not anymore since he’s now a champion!

The Beijing Ducks defeated the defending champions Guandong Southern Tigers,  going 4-1 in a best of 7 series…Marbury has played a stellar role all season for this team and definitely came through in this series, scoring 41 points in the game winner…at 35, this is Marbury’s 1st championship of his career

The guy’s a legend in Coney Island and he’s had his fair share of troubles in the NBA…so it’s incredible to see his talent finally earn him top honors

* It’s worth mentioning that Marbury went up against another NBA star, Aaron Brooks (formerly of the Houston Rockets) and the 2 had quite the battle throughout the CBA finals



  1. Enjoyed watching the videos but couldn’t help but think how Marbury’s career could have been so much different…Sad because he’s always had a lot of talent but it seemed that he had a hard time keeping his emotions and attitude in check.

    1. I think he needed an environment change too..I mean yeah he was star here, but in China???? Plus the dynamics in CBA is different..the team really depended on him and trusted him..his ability to handle that pressure has paid off

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