Missed 3-Pointers Sends Duke Home Early

Brackets are busted, bandwagons are accepting late stragglers, but 1 perennial fact remains. Duke is NOT in the final 4 and tons of people are doing the dougie

Cold world, Austin

Austin Rivers and Seth Curry have been celebrated all year as being 1 of the most offensively-potent backcourts in the ACC. But these last few weeks, they’ve gone cold. Against LeHigh tonight, the 2 combined for only 3-14 beyond the arc. As a team, the Blue Devils were 23% from the 3-point line. LeHigh’s 3 point shooting wasn’t much better, however guard CJ McCollum made some pivotal foul shots that kept this game tight.

Congratulations to another #15 seed!




  1. You woulda thought they learned from 2 Ls against the ‘Noles. 4-20 in 1 game, 4-23 in another. I mean, damn? The definition of insanity was written all over that locker room. Good riddance though LOL

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