Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union Are Finally Acting

Me and my cuzo argue all the time about how the acceptably hot ethnic actresses are really not that hot compared to the women you see on the streets. Gabrielle Union has been a nice look to me since she was in the original Bring It On. My cuzo fell in love with Eva Mendes after she was in Training Day. The 1 common thing these beautiful women share is that they have been consistently pigeon-holed to the same type of lead roles throughout their career.

With the exception of Bring It On, Gabby Union is the same thread of character in every single movie she’s in. Sometimes to the farrr left like in Deliver Us From Eva. But in 2 very different indie movies which are out this year, both actresses are using their talent to bring across a new dimensional to their otherwise lackluster IMDb page. (Although Mendes was surprisingly funny as hell in The Other Guys)

In Mendes’ movie, she’s playing a single mom who’s in a push-and-pull with her estranged 13 yr old daughter. The movie seems to be more character-driven with Mendes as the center-piece. Check out the trailer

Gabrielle Union took a 3 year break from doing studio movies to work on TV (she was a featured lead in ABC’s defunct FlashForward) and did some guest work, while walking red carpets with Dwyane Wade. With her new indie flick “In Our Nature”, her beau is played by the older-looking John Slattery (I think he has that Anderson Cooper syndrome going on). I probably won’t pay to go see this movie because I think it caters to a demographic that I don’t fit in. But the trailer makes it look interesting enough.


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