I Want That “Old Thing” Back: Old Lovers, New Perspectives

1st it was Kobe and Vanessa earlier in the week. Now Chris and Robyn may be re-heating their love pockets and pressing the reset button.

Just a few hours ago, Chris tweeted

But wait, doesn’t the Prince of Light Skin Nation already have a girlfriend whose name sounds like a STD? Yeahhh, it might be a little awkward to look on Twitter and see your current boyfriend with his ex girlfriend on the brain.

Since the incident that changed the course of Chris Brown’s career, mentally Chris and Rihanna have seemed to distanced themselves from each other for the past few years. But lately the wire is getting very busy as the 2 will release a remix of Birthday Cake. I, along with many of you, have read the police report and heard about Chris’s outburst at GMA last year. With a history as such, her army of stans want Rihanna to be done with Chris for good. As a big brother to a sister, I would’ve never allowed my sister to be in the crosshairs of a man who obviously has a volatile temper. The old addage says if a man hits you once, he’ll do it again. And far too many women have lost their lives because they genuinely believed “nah, this time is different.”

I don’t have a personal opinion on their “reunion” nor do I care. However it spurned another perspective on rekindling love. And since it is February……

Love, is its most rudimentary form, is an addiction. It’s far more succumbing and therefore, harder to turn away from than any tangible drug. If I had to rank it, it’d be right next to caffeine. And we all ingest some form of caffeine every day right? We crave love, we chase love, and when we catch it, we fall head first into it. But often times it comes at an extremely high price.

In its purest form though, love is a direction on a compass that helps you see the light in a pitched black room. Love inspires you and brings forth positive changes you didn’t know you were capable of. For some guys, we need to lose that love in order to find out just how precious it is. That could be the case with Kobe and Vanessa.

Beaming ear to ear, love will make you do that

Kobe has a rare talent and no Vanessa wasn’t shootin with him in the gym, Drake! However, she  is a direction on his compass. His love from and for a good woman is a direction on that compass. Clearly from their alleged efforts to try and salvage their union, Kobe wants to go in that direction, as does Chris to Rihanna.

Some couples are oil and water. They’re a chemically imbalanced reaction waiting to blow up in their faces. Despite how much our logical mind tells us that the love we want is wrong and will leave us battered and bruised, the heart is an intensely strong muscle. The 1 thing people often forget is in matters of the heart, the heart actually has a separate mind of its own. And it’s that mind that leads right back into the peril of addictive love.

Have you ever been addicted to love? Do you think it’s a good idea for couples who have an ugly history to give love 1 more shot?


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