When Your Woman Does It All, You Both Win

Now that football is over, I promise this will be my last Victor Cruz post LOL But seriously how can you love the Giants and not love this guy! He scored the 1st touchdown of the showdown between the 2 bitter rivals, but what’s really dope is the love story that Cruz is a major part of.

Cruz and his longtime girlfriend Elaina Watley are new parents to a daughter, Kennedy. Watley, also his publicist and manager, made the trek all the way to Indianapolis to handle the business side of the highly sought after #80 brand. But she’s also been a huge part in keeping the Paterson-born wide receiver humble and down to earth.

In the midst of motherhood and changing diapers, Watley just brokered a major deal for Victor with the prestigious marketing firm, IMG. She’s also kept a steady flow of press for him; everything from his daily Superbowl journal on the NY Post to an interview on Jay Z’s website, Life and Files. It’s surprising and refreshing to see a power couple in the making find the balance and stability early on.

Photo Credit: Elaina's Facebook page - their baby shower for little Kennedy

In a pre-game interview last week, Watley talked about how the young couple weathered many storms including the death of Cruz’s father; “There was a time when we were down. Real down. His father died. He wasn’t in school. I got rejected from Berkeley. We didn’t know if we could make it. But we kept fighting. We kept pushing. We never gave up and now we are on top of the world.”

The rest of us guys aren’t in the same stratosphere, in terms of success, as Victor Cruz.  However I think we all want a woman that’s as dedicated and as loyal as Elaina Watley is. Women are quick to see the potential in a man for him to be great yet they lack the patience to see it come to fruition. As a quickly rising star, it’s easy to be tempted to the allure of Gomorrah. But when you have a woman who holds you down, both personal and professionally, it makes it easy to say “nah, I’m good”

As Valentine’s Day is a week away, I hope women remember that men need praise and adoration too. People bitter women with no walls  often say that men don’t warrant hand claps for the things they’re supposed to do. And to an extent I agree. But ladies, you’ll be amazed at the new heights your man of potential can lead you to if you just give him a “atta boy” every now and then. Remember the Kang of the South said it best…

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