Some Lives Aren’t Meant For You To Have

It’s funny how people were outraged watching the season finale aka D-Day of Kim and Kourtney Take New York. The couple have been divorced for a good 4 months. Yet the show gave us an opportune look inside the short time Kim and Kris spent together as newlyweds.

Unanimously, we all know their relationship moved extremely fast. The population was heavily divided between those who believe the marriage was real and those who believe it was staged for the sake of the show. I still don’t know what to believe. After watching the Humphries collapse, I do know 1 thing though; Kim is a spineless, hopeless romantic. Like most guys, Kris was attracted to her allure and they probably had decent sexual chemistry (despite her lack of sexual talent). Aesthetically they actually make a decent looking couple, better than her and any of her previous suitors. However, in the end, I think their marriage came to such an abrupt end because Kim is an empty shell. To put in more philosophical terms, Daria said it best…

The problem with very attractive, marginally famous people is they’re surrounded by “yes” men. They don’t expect to have try and don’t know the value of being persistent. Success, however they define it, usually comes easy to them. For Kim, her mother and den-mother Ryan Seacrest co-sign everything that she does, even though they have to know that it’s completely assenine. Her sisters, whom she has such a close relationship with, waited far too long to say “hey maybe you should really think this marriage thing through, Kim”. From clips posted on the web, Khloe didn’t plant the seed of doubt until Kim and Kris were already swept in the whirlwind of a fairy tale wedding. The 1 fact that nobody seems to mention is maybe Kim’s life isn’t supposed to be a fairy tale. Maybe she’s supposed to be the ugly stepsister that nobody wants to marry or have kids with.

This might sound crazy, but I don’t fault Kim for the person that she is. She sees both her sisters in happy relationships with men who absolutely adore them. As much dirt as people throw on Khloe, her relationship with Lamar Odom seems to be 1 of dedication, loyalty, and mutual respect. Kourtney has her ups and downs with Scott, but the man does everything he can to please her. It’s natural for Kim to want that in her own life.

But at 30 years old, it’s possible that her life is supposed to just involve a carousel of equally attractive men. Kris, whether you believe the marriage was fake or not, seemed to genuinely love Kim and want to mesh their lives together. He broached very serious subjects that any married man would need his wife’s input on. He spent all of his time in 1 place, expecting them to enjoy his extended break due to the lockout. But Kim had her family visit, she had weekly meetings, photo shoots, and her lack of interest in being a wife drove a wedge between them. Many of us felt bad for Kris based on how Kim treated him in NY. Watching the final episode, it’s apparent that Kim probably just isn’t cut out for the housewife life.

There are many “Kims” out here that are pressed to suck some poor guy into their vacuum of nothingness. The world would have women to believe that marriage is an accomplishment; it’s what you’re supposed to do. But the reality is, it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to want to have your space in your house and spend your money on things that make you happy. Just be honest with yourself! You may want to please your family or have the life that society tells you is the right life to have. But in the end, you have to come to a place of acceptance and know that the hand you have is the hand you’re equipped to win with. Strategize and execute!


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