The Giants Bandwagon Is Now Open


Couldn't have done without these receivers

I’ll be the 1st of Giants fan to admit this season has been filled with struggle. We were not the favorites to win in the NFC East with all the injury problems we had. And who can forget that tragic L to the Seahawks. The F-*-C-K-I-N-G Seahawks! Teenage Jesus wept that day. By week 10, it was said that the Giants were going to fall trap to that dreaded 8-8 position and claw it out for a wild card spot. Looking back, everybody was expecting the NFC race for the playoffs to be all about the Packers and the Saints.

My, how the mighty have fallen!

For my Giants, we took every loss to heart. It’s actually become a perennial expectation to play a somewhat lackluster regular season. We haven’t seen the post-season since 2008. We’ve been fighting criticism with our best comeback “hey, remember when we beat the Patriots though?” So how fitting is it that our ascension back to the top have involved systematically taking the souls of the league’s best offenses and defenses.

2011-2012 was the season that almost didn’t happen. Finishing at 11-7 and going 3-0 in the playoffs, the Giants bandwagon is now the hottest seat in town! Even the most obnoxious loudmouths from Philly, DC, and Dallas are rooting for us to make Tom Brady & co. cry again. Least we agree on 1 thing right?


I’m all for jousting the losing teams, but the vitriol that has fallen on the shoulders of 49ers Kyle Williams is both warranted yet unnecessary. Death threats? Threatening the wife and kids he doesn’t have yet? I mean damn San Francisco. His twitter feed was filled with keyboard courage insults from people who can’t catch a perfectly thrown spiral. Shout out to Devin Thomas making a huge play that will most likely get him re-signed

The recovery that won the game for Giants Nation


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