You Can’t Help But To Quote Rick Ross

I’m a very fickle hip hop fan. There’s not too many albums that I can listen to from start to finish without pressing that [>>] button. In the last 3 years, I gotta admit, I’ve joined the Rick Ross bandwagon. I’m not phased by if him having a 9-5 back in the day or that he has split personalities. The dude has some bars and impeccable taste in beats! He just release a mixtape, Rich Forever and much like his last studio album (Teflon Don which still gets heavy play in my ipod), it’s filled with quotables

“Bein dead broke is the root of all evil…my teacher told me I was a piece of shit…seen her the other day, drivin a piece of shit”

– Holy Ghost

“They call me Mr. Roberts when I’m in the bank, digits like the Dodgers when it come to Franks (francs)…Atlanta housewives takin pictures in my section, but I only got a thing for young b!tches with agression”

– Rich Forever

“Times are priceless, it can go to your head…I think my mind blown, I barely feel my feet…I’mma hold my head high even in defeat…it’s not a mind game so don’t even think…even if it was, it’d be over before you blink”

– Mind Games

Too many lines on this heat! If Nas would step up his game on picking beats, he’d be a relevant problem

“What’s at stake is your freedom, niggas payin the price…when the judge rocked the mallet, all he said was life…very few that you trust, better keep em in your sight…thinkin I’m doin wrong, when these niggas aint right”

– Last Breath

What’s your favorite Ross verse or line? You think his success is highly dependent on his crazy beat selection?


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