The Hell You Mean “It’s Over”?

For a good laugh, watch the video 1st

The saying goes “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. But you wanna see a dude at his absolute worst — blindside him by telling him ya’ll are breaking up.

I never woulda thought we'd be breakin up like this

Ending a relationship, especially 1 that was exclusive for a lengthy period of time, is 1 of the hardest experiences a man will go through in his life. I mean, Robert Kelly couldn’t sleep for days and Tank was begging his girl not to go.

The crazy thing is at least 50% of break-ups feel like a bad joke to the poor guy. Chances are long as he’s not in the wrong he’s oblivious to the unhappy woman that he shared a bed with; often because some women can mask their true emotions so well. As men, we get so caught up in the comfortable routine of being in a relationship that subtleties of our behavior unknowingly begin to change. We stop doing the things we did that won over our lady love’s affection because our delusions of grandeur tell us “she ain’t goin nowhere”.

And then she hits you with the “can we talk” and not in a Tevin Campbell way. You come home 1 day after hooping with the guys to the sound of deafening silence. She’s really gone, bruh.

It’s hard to accept love lost. It’s especially tough when it literally comes out of nowhere. There may have been red flags along the way for a woman to file and notate in the back of her mind. But guys don’t function off of what’s between the lines. If you don’t tell us we’re messing up badly, we’re going to continue to mess up badly. Behavior can only be fixed when it’s known to be unacceptable. Sounds juvenile, but it’s just how it is.

Experiencing heartbreak is a crushing form of failure. Even the most prideful of men have a hard time taking that L. But when it’s really over, understand that even though your partner may try to act like it doesn’t bother him, it’s eating him up. Don’t add insult to injury and straddle the fence. Let that man have the space to cry in a dark corner fully get over you and the memories that were.

And hell no, ya’ll can’t be friends! (I’m kidding, sort of)

Have you ever been dumped with no warning signs (the dumpee)? Have you ever been the dumper? What’s the longest it’s taken you to completely get over someone?


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