Season of 2nd Chances: Victor Cruz and Jimmy Graham

Update 1/2/2012: The Giants and Saints will be playing at home this week, thanks to their victories yesterday. Don’t you dare say that Eli isn’t ELIte

Check out Victor Cruz’s feature interview from SNF

Jimmy Graham’s aired awhile ago

Fans are no stranger to the “rags to riches” stories of athletes. But what’s so empowering about the stories of Cruz and Graham is that here’s 2 guys that weren’t highly drafted yet their impact on the teams they play for can’t be denied. Just last week, Cruz scored the longest TD in Giants’ history and he’s currently the 3rd in overall receiving yards. Jimmy Graham is just 6 yards behind the Pats’ Gronkowski as the leading TE in receiving yards and leads the Saints with 10 TDs.

I’m looking forward to seeing these 2 young guys continue to prove their resilience and become bigger stars. These are the type of athletes that young boys should admire and aspire to be like..


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