Dear _______, Thanks For Nothing! Fantasy Football Woes

So now that the regular season is winding down and I’m out of the playoff race (shout out to the consolation bracket though!), I’m forced to sit back and re-visit my draft picks. I can’t say my team was bad, because I went on a 6-0 run mid season sticking with my original picks. However there’s a few players that, I don’t care how high they’re ranked by “experts”, I will not draft in the future under any circumstances

1) Plaxico Burress: There was an article about Plax where Matthew Berry likened Burress to wack-a-mole. And while abstract, it was totally accurate based on Plax’s stats. I took him in the 6th round, which was fitting. Only thing I regret is not sticking it out with him. I was especially sick in week 7 when I watched him score 3x and I benched him! I f–ckin benched him! Smh The other problem is that dirty Mexican QB didn’t target Plax enough this season for him to effective

2) Vernon Davis (TE): Tight ends at very tough to predict when it comes to fantasy football. They’re not a QB’s 1st target off the line of scrimmage. They often are blockers  for the more athletic, faster WRs. Going into the draft, I really didn’t care about who I got as TE. The 1 guy I would’ve drafted at that position (Jason Witten) got chosen in an early round. I looked up Davis’s stats during the draft and rolled the dice. Clearly that was a bad move!  I won’t  go far to say that Davis sucks at his position. It’s just that he didn’t get targeted enough because Alex Smith sucks and the 49ers were heavy on the run this season. So although VD is 1 of the better TEs in the league, he wasn’t worth my 5th pick.

3) Michael Vick: *insert deep, frustrating groan* I knew when I picked him at #1 that I was playing with fire. After having such a solid season last year and a new $100 million contract, I really thought Vick’s winning streak would continue. Once I saw him play against my G-men in week 3, I knew I was going to be frustrated with him all season long. Thanks to his injury, I was forced to pick up rookie Christian Ponder off the waiver wire.  Only positive thing I can say about MV7 is at least he’s not McNabb

4) Adrian Peterson: Don’t get me wrong, AP is 1 of my favorite athletes period! But the fact of the matter is he’s only good fantasy wise when he’s playing teams that are horrible against the run. For example, GB is great defending the air. But as a run-defense, they’re disgustingly bad. In their 1st meeting w/ A-Rod and crew, Peterson got me 24 pts. In the 2nd meeting, he got me 11; due to injury. Now that Peterson has a torn ACL and assuming that takes a full year to heal, he’s no longer on my draft radar as a viable starter.

5) Hakeem Nicks: So remember when ESPN said Nicks had the best hands in the NFL? Ummmm yeah…about that! Nicks is a great WR, don’t get me wrong. But as a top 5 fantasy-wise, nahhh b. And the 1 factor in that was Victor Cruz (who I drafted in the last round, thankfully!) Nicks had some outstanding games, but he also had some major drops. He hovered around the 14-15 pt mark in most weeks. He had 3 games where he netted me 15+ points (against AZ, GB, and Dallas). The only upside is if I had my choice between him and Manningham, Nicks is the better option. If the Giants hang on to Cruz next season, I’ll definitely draft him and Nicks together.

If you play FF, did you have any disappointing busts? Any players that you would absolutely not draft next year?

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