Everybody Hates Kris…No, Seriously, They Do

Being Kris Humphries is a blessing and a curse these days. He just signed a 1 year – $8 million contract back on the Nets (thanks alot Kwame and Eddy, you bastards!) .  However, on his 1st game in his old uniform, he was unanimously boo’d by New Yorkers.

Over on Forbes, poor Kris stole the #1 from LBJ as the NBA’s most disliked player for the year.  While I’m not a fan of these objective op-ed sports pieces (regardless of who’s writing them), I really would like to know what Kris Humphries did to deserve such vitriol from the American public?

Is it because he bagged a Kardashian for a year? Is it because people actually thought they’d make it, only to find out on Halloween that it was all an alleged sham? Is it because he had a fast climb to notoriety off the back of who he was sleeping with?

I don’t get it! I already gave Kris’s stats in a previous post and why he’s a really good commodity in terms of big men. It’s a shame he wound up back in Jersey, because clearly the Lakers could use him. But on the hardwood, Kris is the consummate professional. It’s only in the last year that people have really come to know his name. Hell, most of the Knicks and Nets fans that were booing have probably never even seen the guy play!

How can you hate the hops though?

Here’s the kicker, Lamar Odom rounds out that Forbes list of most disliked athletes. After Grant Hill, in my opinion, Odom has had 1 of the best career turnarounds in the NBA recently. He went from playing on bucket ass teams to being a 2 team NBA champion. And people don’t like him, why? Because he’s married to the least attractive of the Kardashian joints? Would it be easier to like him if he was married to Kourtney?

To me, sports athletes have become like music personalities. Instead of doing all their talking on the court and in the box scores, they talk alot of sh!t on blogs, on reality shows, and on Twitter. But Kris has done nothing wrong to the American sports population other than fall hard for an Armenian she-devil. Give the guy a break already!


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