5 Things I Remember When Michael Scott Was Around

Things just don’t seem right without Steve Carell, but Dunder Mifflin is slowly showing signs of promise.

Now that The Office is in syndication and on a midseason break, I’ve had a few weeks to go back and really pay attention to the subtle plots and nuances of some of the characters.

For the 1st few seasons, the show was so focused on Jim and Pam and Michael’s random antics. The writers weaved in random story lines, that if given more time, would’ve made for some interesting episodes or short DVD extras.

1) Angela’s hoish ways: Oddly enough, Angela from accounting was getting it in with a couple different suitors. It’s hard to fathom that in real life, a woman with her attitude and standoffish demeanor would have some many men to choose from. Currently, she’s pregnant by a state Senator; which I hope they write in as a guest appearance. But over the course of the show, Angela has been romantically involved with Dwight, Andy, and even Idris Elba.

Angela clearly doesn't discriminate

2) Michael’s baby daddy drama with Jan: This story arch actually annoyed me in a good way because Jan was such a b!tch to Michael. He was actually in love (or what a goofy dude like him thinks is love) with her. Jan just treated him like a primorodial dwarf. In the end, she got artificially inseminated after Michael supposedly got a vasectomy. She adds insult to injury by bringing the baby to see Michael. Jan gave Michael false hope and played games, so I was glad to see her written off the show (until season 7 when Michael thinks he has herpes)

3) Why Rashida Jones never plays a black woman: This has 0 to do with The Office itself. However, since Rashida Jones was on The Office as Jim’s girlfriend, I feel like it’s worth mentioning. Now unless you’re a follower of pop culture, you may not be aware of Rashida Jones’s background. She’s the daughter of music genius Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton. She has a sister, Kidada, who dated both Tupac and LL Cool J. So why is it that Rashida Jones is never cast as a black lead? Her character on The Office was named Karen Filipelli (italian-esque surname). So while I can appreciate that Jones’s racial ambiguity allows her many options in Hollywood, I’d like to see her play a black woman at some point in her career

4) Kevin wants Holly: The way this was so smoothly written in was pretty classic. The way Kevin is introduced to Holly is that he’s a little slow. So of course, Holly is extra nice to him. Kevin takes that as her being interested in him and he asks her out; before Michael has a chance to

5) Stanley’s ether of Michael Scott: Stanley makes this my favorite episode thus far, with the parkour episode a close 2nd. For the 1st 6 seasons, you didn’t hear too much from Stanley. He’d have an occassional line and then his confessionals were funny, but we never got much more than. Until this episode! The fake firing and the prank was just f(_)ckin hilarious


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